July 30th, 2015


More work dreams last night. These always amuse me. Last night, I was on a business trip back working for IBM doing some project for Human Resources on the history of IBM layoffs. It was a fun and interesting project. In real life, I cannot imagine that working on such a project would be anything short of hair pulling frustration but in my dream, it was a great job.

My brain is just weird.

I was sleeping hard when my wrist alarm went off. It's the first time I remember actually being woken up by it. Not at all unpleasant.

Zoey skipped her frantic middle of the night action or, at least, did not feel like I needed to be involved. Just now she's tucked in right here and draped over my arm.

After my swim this morning, I have a nail appointment and not a minute too soon. These suckers have gotten so long I'm afraid of stabbing myself.

And then it will be home to the air conditioner. The 10 day forecast is mostly Your Ass Will Be Fried. My electric bill did, actually, go past 'oh, that's not so bad' but, honestly, I don't care. I don't ever use a heater in the winter. I make up for that environmental gift in the summer.

I made sewing progress yesterday but it got too warm back in the sewing area. I don't need my own sweat shop! I think today, I may try to use the fan back there and see if that helps. Hilariously, I'm working on a fleece jacket. In the living room, my project is an oversized turtleneck sweater.

I think I'm trying to sweat out the summer by planning how I'm going to stay warm in the winter!

When I last went to the nice lung doctor, he was, again, dismayed by my senile purpura (the purple blood bruises) all over my hands and arms. This time he suggested that maybe it was the steroids in my Advair inhaler. They make two different kinds and I have been using the strongest one. He suggested I dial back to the lower dose one and asked if I was interested. Sure, I said. (This guy is great about trying new things and just as great about un-trying if they don't work out.)

That was a month ago. A couple of years ago, my regular doctor had me cut back to an aspirin every other day in hopes of accomplishing the same thing. I thought that worked but turns out it didn't really.

I started noticing that I have not had any new bruises in a couple of weeks. Again, it could be my just wanting this so much. The bruising isn't at all painful but just looks soooo ugly. But, I am, once again very hopeful.

And, the lower dosage inhaler is working out fine which is great. When my COPD gets worse, I will have an easy upgrade to get me by for a while longer. Win Win Win.

Ok, it's still a little early but I think I'll go ahead and head to the pool. I can ust swim a little longer...

Nailing nails

My nail place is a tiny (3 mani stations, 3 pedi stations and a teeny waxing room) and not fancy (and not expensive). It is always busy. There are 3 women and I've never seen one not working full tilt. Today was no different. The woman on the left of me was 8 months pregnant and trying find a particular color - she had pictures on her phone. A woman in the waiting chairs popped up and said 'oh, can I see? I make polish.' ???

Turns out she does! Joy Lacquer. I told her I had never heard of anyone who made polish and she said that she had accumulated so many bottles she just figured she'd make her own. I was astounded. It would never occur to me to make my own nail polish. Wild.

Sadly she doesn't do gels and regular polish would last about half a swim on me.

My shorter nails feel so weird to type with. I hope I got them short enough. Guess we'll know in 3 weeks' time.

Just as I was getting finished up, a little old lady came waltzing in. She was apparently another regular (the make your own nail polish lady was a regular, too). The little old lady got to chatting with one of the pedicure people who learned via the owner that she was 90. "You're 90??!!" "NO! I'm 91!"

Cracked me up. She chatted away with everyone and sounded as if she had the mental acuity of someone half her age. Wild.

Fun times at the nail shop! I almost forgot to stop at Papa Murphy's. They don't open until 11 and my earlier swims have not made getting pizza handy. So yeah, it's Africa hot here today and I'll be heating up my oven. Happily it's so well insulated that it won't cause much of a problem and I really want pizza.

Turns out when I got there that they actually open at 10 AND their cheap pizza is even cheaper than the central district Papa Murphy's that closed down. $5.47 for enough pizza for me for at least 3 meals. Such... a... deal.

Too hot to sew and...

Well, the jacket took a bad turn. The beauty of fleece is that the edges don't fray and everything holds together nicely. The downside is that errors really can't be corrected nicely and changing your mind is not so much of an option.  And I ran out of thread. And it was getting hot back there. It's not like I'll be wearing the jacket any time soon...

I bought some breadsticks at Trader Joes - fat ones - like hot dog bun size. And I just didn't like them so I stuck them in the freezer. Today I pulled them out and tore them into cubes and added eggs and cheese and cream and baked it up and yum!! It's now divided into servings I can easily nuke to warm and have with my coffee before I go swim. It's a trial.

My still under warranty ipod shuffle is dying. I'll be interested to see how the people I bought it from handle the warranty.  Well, while I was typing this note, I found out!! They sent one email reply basically telling me to try all the things I told them I had already tried. The next email (within an hour) was ' so sorry to hear. no worries, we're sending you a replacement.' So... yeah! They said it should go out in the next couple of days and they want my broken one sent to them within a month. Totally fair and cool!

I thought tomorrow was the first Friday of the month and emailed the bear adoption lady about delivery. She replied asking please please can we wait until next week. She lives on the other side of the lake and the bridge she uses is closed a giant chunk out of today through Sunday because of the Blue Angels. No problem, but now I can add a couple of bears to the pile which is kind of small because tomorrow is not the first Friday of the month. Being retired is not always rainbows and unicorns. We get confused.

There was at least one other something I wanted to get into an entry and it has now left the building we call my aging brain. Oh well, as my Mom used to say... if it's important, it will return. If not, it's god's way of editing you.