June 2nd, 2015

Much better

Today I feel much better. I really slept well last night. Whew.

I think today, I'll go to my regular pool for my swim - instead of the pool at the gym. I'll just hope that it won't be too crowded. Next week they will start tearing up the street and turning it into a one way and generally make getting to the pool a royal PIA. I have a plan for the early morning swims. But add in daytime traffic and it's going to get ugly on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I think I'll be going to the gym pool a lot.

I have not been very good about walking. I need to get with that program but I just hate it. I've got to figure out a time/a route/a plan that is not one I hate so much I don't do it.

I need to get my nails redone. They look as perfect as they did when I walked out of the salon but my nails are growing the manicure away. There are two main women who do nails at this salon. One is good but the other one is great. I'm not sure how to make sure I get the great one. I think I'll go back tomorrow for the redo. Maybe I'll figure it out then.

It's another cool and rainy day here today. Really, that, alone, should get me out for a walk. It's supposed to be in the 80's this weekend which is way too hot for me especially with the sun out in full force.

I think I'll start right this minute. I'm going to get up, get dressed and walk around the block before breakfast.

Note to me

I just did a 30 minute walk 25 minutes of which were great. When I turned the corner back to my front door (about 200 yards from it) I started a coughing fit that nearly did me in. I managed to make it home where I continued coughing hard - really hard. I downed a cough pill and then sucked on my inhaler and grabbed some cold water.

I am now able to breathe again but whoa. That was scary and not fun. And it's the second time it has happened recently.

I have an appointment with Dr. Lung in a few weeks. I'm making notes.

Win and win... maybe? Hopefully?

So... in today's snail junk mail was a card/flyer from LA Fitness announcing they are open in West Seattle. Well, this is HUGE news. They are the same level of club (3 lane pool) as the one in Ballard but closer by more than half! Woot! This could be freakin' excellent.

I knew there was an LA Fitness in the plans for that spot but somehow I had gotten it into my brain that it was a plans-only location and that the actual gym was all promise and no brick. I never actually remembered to look when I drove by. Now, it's there!!

There are more than a few manicure places in West Seattle so I picked one and made an appointment for tomorrow. I'll go early and check on the LA Fitness and make sure it's excellent (and, also, check on pool population in the mornings on a weekday. I'm guessing that for a little while, while they ramp up, there may be room in the pool for me. I hope. There is also a Trader Joe's just across the street.

I don't mind hoofing it all the way to Ballard once in a while but West Seattle is just so much easier. Oh this is good.