May 22nd, 2015

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This 'n That

I swum. It was great. Yesterday and today (and, actually Wednesday) there were a fair number of regular swimmers missing which made for nice, open lanes.

I think today I'll head out to Walmart to pick up some more polyfil stuffing for the bears. Walmart sells a 20 pound box for less than half that I can find it anywhere else. I'm always sure they will wise up and raise the price or not have it any more but so far, so good. Fingers crossed today. I'm not out yet but I'm getting there and there's nothing else much going on today.

There are two condos in this building for sale. It's been a while since there have been any available. Both of these have been rent by owner units. Both have original carpeting and appliances - so, 25 years old. One is a bit bigger than mine in square footage and one is a bit smaller. Bit being 100 sq feet. Both are one floor below mine. One is listed at $449 and one at $479. Astounding but satisfying to know that there's value in this joint. It's going to be interesting to see how long they take to sell at what price. I think the last unit to sell was in December and it was sold at asking in one day.

Breakfast time now.

Elder Orphan

I read a blog post this morning about elder orphans and ... turns out ... I R one.

I have no husband, no kids, no close friends, and my one and only viable family member is 1,500 miles away. If I drop dead, no problembo. But, something short of that could be a real problem.

I have an ICE app on my phone. It's on the front screen and my phone is unlocked. When you click on it, you have two choices - ICE contacts or Medical notes. The contacts option is empty. So, hopefully, they will go there and see my note that says "DNR! Seriously, Do Not Resuscitate. Under any circumstances."

But, probably they won't.

If I get hit by a truck and end up in some hospital as a broccoli, there will be no one to speak up for me or, more importantly, no one to pull the plug.

I have no fear of being dead in my condo and no one finding me for days. I'm dead, what the hell do I care? I am not real excited about lying there not dead and in pain and not able to get help.

And what if I just kind of wear down over the years and/or lose my mind. I got no backup, no plans, no idea what I would do.

I am an elder orphan. But, honestly, I can't really come up with a solution or get real stressed about not having one so ... it is what it is and what it will be.