March 27th, 2015

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New things!!

New phone, new inhaler, new cat toy and just now, the new phone rang and it was a flower delivery guy. I'm in new city!

Zoey has been driving me crazy lately. She has gone from 'oh, are you here?' to 'time to entertain me time to entertain me time to entertain me time to entertain me'. In the evenings, the battery operated laser beam keeps her busy but in the daylight, she can't see the red dot. So I got her a daylight toy. The laser toy runs for 15 minutes and shuts off. This does not shut off. So finally I turned it off and she spent forever trying to figure out what happened and how to get it back on. She very nearly succeeded in turning it back on.

Day one of the new inhaler is good so far. It's a once every 24 hours so I started it last night but the more I think about it, doing it at night is silly. So I think I'll skip tonight and start doing it in the mornings tomorrow. Going from 3 puffs on 2 inhalers every day to 1 on 1 is far more liberating feeling than it sounds.

The new phone is big. No, really, it's big cubed. It's REALLY big. While that is 1/2 a pro and 1/2 a con, the rest of it is all pro. It was a breeze to set up and it's fast fast fast. The only other con is the weight. When I put it in my pants pocket, there's a distinct feeling that my pants will soon be around my knees. New underwear on the radar? It took some fiddling but I was able to get my car holder to accept it. I may need to make some Sugru modifications, but I think it will work.

But, I think I'm going to adjust and love it.

My brother sent me beautiful happy birthday flowers. The card said Happy Birthday from Friendly Computers of Georgetown. So cute and so sweet.

Swimming this morning was better than usual even though the pool was more crowded than it usually is on a Friday.

I did manage yesterday to do all the laundry, fold it and put it away. Whew. So today there aren't any giants sized todo's. Except walking and then whateverthefuck I want.

I do need gas. So I think I'm going to head out and see if Lowe's has any Sugru on hand. And get gas. And maybe, while I'm out, do a little walking. However the sun is out and it is warmer than I like so maybe the walking will be all over air conditioned Lowe's with stair climbing in our cool hallways.

Lowe's, the gym!

I spent from 1955-1967 living in western North Carolina. We lived in Winston-Salem but spent weekends and many Summer days in Blowing Rock. Between the two is a little town that had a great home town hardware store. And we stopped there on the way or on the way home depending on what we needed. It was called Lowes. The Seattle Lowes is not too far from here but farther than Home Depot so I rarely go to Lowes. BUT today I did.

I decided that it would be my 20 minute walk. So I parked at the far end of the parking lot and marched on it. It was GREAT! I went to the left and followed the wall all the way back and then did aisle by aisle by aisle. Through doors and toilets and stuff I didn't care about, I went at a good clip. The aisles are wide, the temperature was perfect, it wasn't crowded.

I hit hardware about halfway through and ran into two Lowes guys who wanted to help so I asked about Sugru and we walked a fair bit to find it. While we were on the hunt, the nice man told me that this Lowes is the largest one in the chain. Cool. By the time I got my Sugru, I was only halfway done with the store but I'd done 20 minutes. So I figured, I'd save the right hand side of the store for another day when the sun was too bright (like today) or it was too hot.

I stopped in a QFC on the way home looking for eggs and chopped up green onions. I keep a baggie of chopped up green onions in the freezer. They are great in my scrambled eggs or on other stuff. QFC didn't have any already chopped BUT they did have something called 'stuffing vegetables' - chopped up onions, celery, parsley, and some other stuff. So I grabbed that and made myself a giant batch of stuffing. Froze most in dinner sized portions and saved some for tonight's dinner. Score!

And cleaned the kitchen and finally wore out Zoey. A good day all around.

Oh! And I remembered to get gas!!