March 26th, 2015

Getting old is such an adventure

So... yesterday, after my doctor's visit and news, I felt great. Invincible. And.. then... last night I felt worse than I have in a long time. From my waist to my shoulders was one hurt. I thought I was dying (as usual). I changed chairs and positions and nothing helped. Finally, I went to bed and turned off the light and laid flat and it was better and I slept and.. work up alive and feeling fine. WTF? Who the hell knows. I actually wonder if I didn't really hurt something in that stupid breathing test. Really deep breaths aren't that easy today.

It will all be better tomorrow. I declare it.

Plus I will have my new phone. Hopefully. Fedex says that it is Out For Delivery from Auburn (which is about an hour from here). I've actually seen them successfully deliver from weird places but never from one that far away... The address is the same one they delivered my Pixel to only a couple of weeks ago. So fingers are crossed they haven't fucked the delivery up.

I really want that phone and I really want that phone to be perfect for me.

I will be swimming at 11. When I get done, my new inhaler should be ready so it will off to the pharmacist to pick it up and get my how to use lesson.

While I was lying flat last night I was thinking about my 20 minute walks and how to make them interesting and/or not avoid them... if I didn't die in the night. I thought about climbing steps. Climbing steps is harder for me than walking and I avoid places that require steps. So, maybe like walking, that will improve by actually doing some step climbing.

And I have the perfect 'gym'. I live on the 4th floor. There are two flights per floor and they are steep suckers. So I'm going to start stair climbing. At least on the days I don't do 20 minutes of walking. I'm pretty sure, if I take it slowly, I can do from the ground to the second floor. So that's where I'll start. The goal will be, of course, to get all the way up here... while still breathing. It's also a nice weather-independent exercise. No sun glare, rarely too hot. I'm jazzed about this idea.

Also, turns out, it's laundry day. Load #2 of 3 is washing now.