February 17th, 2015

Let it go...

I am not a Frozen fan and I really am tired of the Let it Go song but, it's handy when I get too focused on one thing that does not need or deserve that kind of focus. Today's case in point is Social Security. I still have received no notice or even acknowledgement of my application which is supposed to kick in real $$ on March 1.

1. If it does not happen, I'm not going to starve or really even be very inconvenienced. 2. It will be way easier to get their attention after fail than preventatively. 3. Calling them to ask about it does nothing but aggrivate me.

So... for now... I need to Let It The Fuck Go.

I have already done that, fairly successfully, with the $400 that the IRS owes me. I figure one day, maybe, I'll get a check and it will be a delightful windfall. Or not.

I do need to get on this year's tax return. I got it started and have about an half hour's worth of work on it left. There is one document left to go which is being mailed out today and then I can get that off to the Tax Man.

Today I can go back to the pool. It feels like it's been forever since I last had a swim. I am very ready. And that is really it for today's hit parade. Nothing else on the agenda.


When my dishwasher broken last year, I discovered how much easier it is to keep the kitchen tidy by hand washing my dishes. I got it fixed and now use it to store stuff. But my hands were suffering so I started wearing gloves which worked but was kind of a bother. Just recently I discovered Dawn with Olay and wow. Does it ever make a difference. There are two kinds.  I've been using the Pomegranate  but I ordered the Cocobutter and it hasn't come yet. My hands are very much happier plus it does not make as much suds which is easier to deal with.

I'm pretty good about washing the dishes after every meal. But, I generally wait until after so the pans or baking dishes can cool down some and my meal does not get cold.

My brother, on the other hand is freakily OCD about it. He will make a scrambled egg breakfast and wash the egg pan and utensils before he eats the eggs! Funny what you learn about somebody when they stay a few days.

We were raise, by the way, to never ever ever hand wash anything. Faced with a choice, our mother would have easily traded one or all of us for her dish washer. She and Daddy once had an RV which she refused to even consider until they found one with a dishwasher.


I'm pretty sure we are done with Winter here in Seattle. It never really got cold and now it's gradually getting a little warmer each week. I feel like I've been cheated. This, I guess, is better than feeling screwed like so many in the Northeast. And today in parts of the South. I lived in Charlotte, NC for a few years and remember well how freaky ice and snow was there. They are getting hit today and based on the news reports last night, things in the freaked out department haven't changed much since I was there 30 years ago.

It's a Miracle!!

I got my tax refund today!!! From last August's amended return. And it includes interest.

The next thing you know, Social Security will kick in without a hitch. Wonders will never cease.

Amazon either changed their return process OR changed it for my account. Either way, the click, click, print out the label, leave it for UPS process is gone. Sigh. This time I clicked, clicked and had to contact customer service. I sent an email. I haven't heard back yet but if this is the way it's going to be, there's going to be a lot less Amazon buying in my future. Which probably is not a bad thing at all.

Swimming today was amazing. It just felt sooo good. Plus there was a new lifeguard who was not at all hard on the eyes. (And yeah, I'd be totally offended if someone said that about a female lifeguard. So I need to rethink either my appreciation of lifeguard eyecandy OR my sensitivity to how men talk about women's bodies. Fair is fair.)