December 30th, 2014

Pandora prodigal

I've been a paid Pandora subscriber for a long, long time. My two internet radios have Pandora apps. I can do a lot of futzing and tweaking and messing around and get them to play Google or Amazon music but Pandora is simple. Plus, I just like Pandora a lot. Last Summer, my annual subscription came up for renewal just after they instituted no more annual billing. UGH. I hate monthly billings. A lot. So I let my account lapse. I've been enjoying some background music at home and Pandora is perfect for that so I've been using the free account but the ads... and they build in gaps where you have to 'interact' or they just stop playing. So I looked at the paid version and... annual is back!!! At the first of this month, they brought it back. Yeah! And now I'm Pandora'd again... for the year. Yeah.

Today's big adventure is water polo. There's a high school game at the pool this morning just before my usual swim. I've never seen it played - only snippets on TV - so I think I'm going to go to my swim early and catch some action. I'll take my book just in case it's not as interesting as I think it should be.

Otherwise, it will be a regular day best I can tell right now.