December 22nd, 2014

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The bathroom mirror has declared that today is haircut day. To be fair, it first made the declaration last week but I argued. And argued. And argued. But, today, I give up. Time to get it done. I am amused by how much I am annoyed by the whole hair cut thing. Every single time. At least this time I have instructions with pictures. And, hopefully, I'll get a non-chatty cutter.

So after coffee and breakfast, I'll head out. There's a Trader Joe's semi near the hair cutter so I think I'll stop in there.

Yesterday I did all of the laundry in the house. Clean, folded and put away.

While I was swimming today, I was remembering Christmases as a kid. I have so many wonderful memories. It's fun to take them out now and again, dust them off and enjoy them. Then when I got home, a guy from upstairs got in the elevator with to tall, skinny boxes - 'new skis' he said.

When I was in my early teens, the place we loved in the mountains and the place where we spent lots of Summer weekends - Blowing Rock, NC - opened up a ski slope. My parents knew the folks to opened it and we got to try it early and often. We loved it. When I was 14 or 15, one year, we got skis for Christmas.

Mother and Daddy hid them at a neighbor's house. Then, on Christmas Eve, they discovered that the neighbors had apparently forgotten about the skis and had gone out of town. Daddy pulled off his first and last B&E and Christmas was saved and a family story grew and was embellished and lived on far longer than those skis even did.


I need to remember 1. haircuts are really painless, shut up and do it. 2. 9 weeks is really too long to wait. Let's try 6 or 7 next time, k?

So the building manager who I really do not like, today sends a fairly difficult to decipher email saying that the City has me listed as a fail for lack of inspection on electrical work. WTF? So I went to his office and discovered that my unit (and, apparently about a dozen others) was on the city books as never doing a final inspection for electrical work.

The electrician that the designer hired - who was paid but never actually made right - to install lights in my ceiling in 2013, never finished the permit work. PHUQUE. Oh and the building manager said "I don't really understand it all but the guy [from the city] said that the next step is court." Nice.

So I sent an email to the city guy and told him I'm ready and happy to do whatever he needs. Then I forwarded my note to the electrician and cc'd the designer and assured him that if there was a problem, particularly one that involved courts and lawyers, I will ensure he was included.

I got a fast email back from him saying he'd handle. This was better than a poke in the eye but I've dealt with this guy before and what his emails say rarely match what actually happens. So... we... shall... see.

At least my hair looks great!