November 30th, 2014

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No football game today so all is quiet here. I have two packages to return to Amazon and I might just venture out in a bit and take them over to Office Depot. I could leave them for UPS to pick up but, what the heck. Maybe I'll treat myself to a McDonald's Mint Mocha to round out the trip.

That's all I really have planned today. I'm still thinking about changing the networking.

I have discovered that the IP webcam is the culprit gulping down my 2.4ghz band wifi. There are usually at least 4 sometimes as many as 6 or 7 people who have it open in a browser (I have no idea if they are actually watching) at any one time. So I think I'm going to wire it and give the wifi some relief. This means a cable has to be exposed so I'm thinking about getting a purple ethernet cable and 'drawing' on the wall with it as it snakes from the camera to the router.

I'm not going to do anything, though, until I live with this long enough to call Comcast and disconnect their internet. I'm not at all expecting that to be smooth or straightforward. So until that's done, I'm not doing anything that can't be easily undone.

Everything from my trip is put away.

I have no plans to move from Seattle. I like it here. BUT, if I had to move, I think Vancouver, if they would have me, would be a great place to live. Office, retail and residence in equal measure makes for a more interesting urban experience than I have here now. It would be difficult to get used to carrying around all those coins instead of $1 and no Amazon Prime and the worse one, no rare hamburgers... but honestly, if I could live near that Y, it might be worth it.

I remember back when running to Canada (to evade the draft) was like ending your life. It was a drastic measure from which you could never return and who knew what it was even like there? Funny hatted Mounties and bears and open land like Texas but with mountains and snow and no people. This was in the 60's and 70's and we didn't have internet and the law was that if you ever came back to this country you would be instantly arrested for draft evasion. A lot of guys did it. Disappeared into Canada. And are probably happy as clams there still. Although they actually have been allowed back with no penalty for many years now.

It was a fun trip and I'd do it again. And I just might. I put my Canadian money and my Koodo sim card in a safe place waiting for next time.