November 24th, 2014

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This morning's swim was excellent. Much nicer than Saturday's. I've made no progress in bilateral breathing but... I started last week trying out a new scheme. Instead of lifting my head to breathe at every other stroke, I tried lifting it only every 4th stroke. This enables me to keep my head/neck straight longer. Last week, I could only do it a couple or three times a length.  Today, I tried it again and it was way easier than last week.  I could almost do it consistently for the entire length.  I may be on to something here.

Last night I was watching TV and in the middle of tying off a bear arm (so didn't hit FF). I caught a commercial for am 11" Windows computer from HP fo $200 - a lovely cobalt blue one.  I no longer pay much attention to Windows machines but have recently realized that having a portable Windows computer would be helpful. The $200 really caught my eye and I'm really high on HP these days.  So I hit pause on the TV and did some research. It looks like it would serve my purposes perfectly. I ordered one from Amazon. If I don't like it, it goes back.  Since I'm going out of town, I picked 'slow ship' in exchange for  $1 off. They had been offering $1 ebooks which is fine but this time they offered $1 off ebooks, music or video.  Nice.  My MP3 cart is kind of bulging. Anyway, if it works out it will be way handy to have a little portable machine for various low level tasks.  Oh and it only cost me $100 out of pocket. Between a fat Discover cash back bonus and some Amazon credit acrued, my totaly bill was $100 and some change. That was a nice little bonus.

Today is laundry. And maybe Goodwill.  And Condo Internet.  The Condo Internet people will be here at 5:30 to 'splain it all with food and drink in the lobby of the building.  I go back and forth on whether or not. Depending on the complexity of setup, I will likely sign up and run both Comcast and Condo Internet in parallel for a month and then decide. I will absolutely be interested to hear what they have to say.

More but not much more

I just went down to the lobby to find out the scoop on Condo Internet. I have to say that their front guy - they guy they sent here to hand out cookies - is a little loosey goosey on the info. I kept asking him how the service comes into my unit and he kept telling me how good the service was.

But, he did tell me that installation was free and the modem is free - even if I decide to abandon by the end of the first month... and the first month is free. So... so far, I'm liking the deal! He told me the number to call for installation. So I came upstairs and saw on their website that their support is open until 11. And I called. And the guy told me they don't offer it in this building yet. WTF? Then he said that he expected it to be a go for installs any day now and they would contact me and he reiterated all the free stuff.

And he told me that they do use the phone jacks which is going to be a bit of an issue. Maybe. The phone jack is on the opposite side of the room from where the router is and no way to transport cable. So stuff that now enjoys an ethernet connection will need to go wireless. Which ain't happy. I can use an extender but that won't be much better. This could be a problem... but I have a month to figure it out and Comcast if it doesn't work.


I spent a lot of this afternoon futzing on my brother's Wordpress website. He hired or traded for this woman to do his Twitter feed and she really did a somewhat less than half assed job. He said today he was going to end her contact at the end of the year and I volunteered to create a silo of tweets for him. He said great. That led me to his fucked up blog section of his website. The people who made it used a template that didn't work with his content. It took me for freakin' ever to find the template and then I hit up against PHP which is not my forte. But I finally managed to remove the warts so at least now it doesn't scream 'fucked up'. Each blog post was predicated with the oh so stupid tagline of Posted by hisoldusername on 3:38 category 1, category 2 | n comments. I was able to change that to Posted by Bill Schubert | n comments. Which is a little better.

Tomorrow, if he doesn't slap my hand for overstepping, I'll figure out how to get the date in there and post the categories at the bottom of the entry. I wish I knew PHP.


I ordered the Windows computer last night. I selected slow delivery because I wanted the $1 prize and because I didn't want it to get here until I get back on Friday. The slow delivery said it would get here after December 1. Today I got the shipping notice. It gets here Wednesday. As in day after tomorrow. As in about 4 hours after I leave. Murphy.


I think I need to TV and knitting.