November 18th, 2014


I'm still working on the 2 meals a day deal. I have a substantial breakfast sometime between 9 and 10ish. Then I have dinner between 3-4ish. I usually end up having a bite of this or that during the day - sometimes, literally a bite and sometimes a full out snack. I generally have some kind of very light dessert about 7ish.

I find that I do not eat nearly the quantity of food I used to and when I do eat a meal I am nearly always very hungry which was not the case before. I also do not snack nearly as much as I used to. It's interesting for sure.

Today is an 11 am swim day. I also want to go to Costco. I bought a pack of house socks there last week on a whim and I love them! I want more so that these will last longer. Plus I want nuts. I'd love some salted roasted pecans. That seems like a very Costco-y thing. So I'll see. I also need eggs but I don't need/want 144 of them so I think I'll pop into Grocery Outlet on the way home for that.

My phone is due for an operating system update. I've been hitting the 'check now' button every 15 minutes or so for days now. I want to see the new stuff... Google plus reports that others have gotten it so now I'm all why not me????

The Building Manager I have a major dislike for is scheduled to sow up here with chimney checkers. I'm hoping they hold off until I'm at the pool. My homeowners association dues covers this and many many other things that I am very grateful with which I do not have to fuck. Next year, I will pay a little more than $600 a month in association dues - a major chunk of change but... our association is fiscally sound and historically as well as currently, managed really well. Between HOA dues and real estate taxes, my condo costs me nearly $1000 a month in addition to my mortgage payment. Owning a single family home would likely cost much the same plus I'd have to put up with the aggravation of actually organizing the maintenance AND I would not have the personal security I have here.

Zoey has just finished up her breakfast so now's a good time to clean up the kitchen.

Wrong Numbers

So... today we got the actual nums for the home owner dues for next year. That made me go back and get actual nums for last year to compare...

And I was wrong - I overstated the $$.

My real estate taxes last year were $3,326.
My home owners dues last year were $6,053

So, monthly, my non-mortgage fixed homeowners costs were $781.

Next year the home owner dues go up 3% to %525 per month of $6309.52 for the year (I pay it all in January so I don't have to think about it for another year.)

And as long as I'm documenting... I pay $1,000 a month on my mortgage which carries an interest rate of 3.875%. (The actual bill is $986.07 but I round it up.) It will be paid off in 2026.


My phone finally got the update. Nice. I made a pretty successful (found what I wanted) Costco trip. Swimming was great. Good day all around.