November 15th, 2014

Holy zzzz's batman

I was really sleepy last night. I finally went to bed at 9:30 and listened to my book for about 45 minutes before I turned the lights out. And that was it until 5 am. I woke up and realized that that was the first bit of consciousness.  I had slept the night through without getting up to pee or even opened my eye.  Wow. And then I went back to sleep for an hour and a half Honestly I don't remember the last time that happened. God, I love cold weather!

This morning's swim has to wait until the pool opens at 9. I have a new (to me) brunch place in mind to try, maybe, after swim. Or I might just come on home and make my own. I don't really have any errands to do or places I want to go.

I think I'll just wait until I'm done swimming and make a snap decision then.

down then up

Swimming was a bit of a mess today. Backstroke girl was back. I moved over to the next lane immediately. My Saturday buddy, Tonya was there and is a much faster swimmer but she's totally cool to share a lane with. And we were good, for a bit. But, then other swimmers came in and tried to share with backstroke girl but invariably gave up and then would come in and out of the lane Tonya and I were sharing. It was kind of a mess. I finally gave up after about 3/4ths of a mile.

I decided to give this new brunch place a try. I had found it this morning with a simple Brunch Seattle google search. It's called Witness and it's not terribly far from the pool. I found it and then easily found parking. It's small and the music was too loud (actually probably just too jazzy for me. had it been my kind of music the volume would have probably been fine) but it was otherwise comfortable. Lots of tables for one or two and room for me. And the food was outstanding. The hollandaise was just amazing. And there were several things on the menu that I didn't try and wanted to. So... I'm pretty sure I'll go back and soon.

Plus there is a really nice grocery just across the street, Quite handy for Saturday mornings.

And a lovely balance to the less than totally great swim.

Home now and in for the day. Knitting and TV and just stuff.

?? First World Whine

I used the oven tonight and noticed how mucked up it was so, without thinking, I flipped on the self clean. It was not the first clean but it is the first clean in a few years. It's been on about an hour now and it it gets no more fumy than this, I'll be ok but if it gets worse, I could be sleeping on the terrace tonight and wake up a Popsicle tomorrow.

So last night I slept straight without interruption for 8 hours which is probably 20-30% more sleep than usual. Then this afternoon about 2:30, I couldn't keep my eyes open and slept another hour. WTF?

My hands have been soooo bruise free. But then the other day, my left hand got hit. And then today, I snagged it on the lane line. And then I hit something hard tonight when I was cleaning up the dishes. I have no clue what it was because I don't remember doing it but when I dried my hands I found a deep purple blood bruise. PHUCK. These things don't hurt, but they just look so ugly and when they finally go away, they leave a shit brown stain.

It could be way worse. I could have a painful skin condition or a horrible blood disease or a million other way worse things so I should just shut up and wear gloves.  At least, for now, my right hand looks normal - old lady normal, but normal. So I'll just keep this on in my pocket.