October 27th, 2014

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While swimming on Saturday, I realized that my goggles were coming to End of Life. They were cloudy, fogged up and leaking. So this morning I broke out a new pair. New Goggle Swims are really the best. I got mesmerized by the beautiful mottling made on the floor of the pool by the lights and the water above. This will last about 3 or 4 swims and then we start the road to cloudy, fogged up, leaky goggles that when they get so bad, I replace them and get another 3 or 4 New Goggle Days. It's the circle of goggle life.

My hair needs cutting. Badly. Or a hat. I really don't want to get it done today. Tomorrow is not good either. Maybe Wednesday. I hate getting my hair cut. I like the results, I just hate the process. But, I need new conditioner, too so I guess it's time.

Tonight is the Homeowners Association meeting. It's a 6 which really screws up my dinner time but an hour's worth of condo gossip is worth it. Between now and then is the usual. Knitting, reading, tv-ing.

Last night I finished my neck warmer. It's exactly what I wanted.  A kind of mantle to pop on when it gets too chilly in the living room. I started with a pattern but it wasn't exactly right plus, I wanted to knit from the neck down and the pattern was from the shoulders up. It took me several ripping out and redoings to get it like I wanted.

Crabby Appleton

My internet access has been on and off all damn day. Is it Comcast? Is it the latest 'new' router? Who the fuck knows???  While having my brother's team take care of my computer is great. But, so far, I can't really see any value add to their handling the router.  Basically they tell me to look at the status graphs and see what's causing the problem. Yeah, looking at 6 graphs with hieroglyphic labels just does not spell magic fix to me.

I made one trip via car today and ran into neighbors - two different ones at different times who said things that really pissed me off. I'd probably be better off not going to the Home Owners Meeting tonight but I think I'll go just zip up my own lips. Part of what annoys me so much is my lack of ability to ignore the fuckers. I'll go tonight and practice on the other attendees.

On the up side, I finally have most everything charging wirelessly and it's heaven. I even finally found a wireless car charger that works in my car. Part of the problem has always been no where to put one. My dash does not have an appropriate spot (or surface) and I hate stuff hanging off the windshield. Finally it occurred to me that I could use the little drawer just blow the radio. I found one that looked like it would work and ordered it. It came today and by damn it does work! It was a little fiddle to get suctioned down and it's a little bigger than I wanted but, it obstructs nothing. It doesn't block vents. It doesn't block the radio dials. I can get to the bottom and the top of the phone screen easily. It's perfect. So. Yeah!

I need to focus on that and not be crabby about anything. I will go to this meeting and listen and learn and keep to myself. I can do it.

I did it

I went to the meeting. The board is always so appreciative when owners show up and they were again tonight. I kept my lips sealed and did not embarrass or frustrate myself. The meeting was a little long (but only 70 minutes total which isn't a killer) and really loud. Our lobby - where we hold the meeting - is all hand made Italian tile and sound bounces around and lives forever.

When I got back up here and in my unit and closed the door, I was greeted by a silence that was so marvelous.

I've done my duty and it didn't hurt. I'm rewarding myself with bluecheese butter biscut bits. My new favorite Food That Is Not One Bit Good For You.