October 22nd, 2014

My tweets


Last night I started coughing and couldn't stop and was starting to not being able to breathe well. I sat quietly for a bit and took a cough pill and sucked on my rescue inhaler and hoped against hope that I wouldn't spend the night gasping for air.  I turned out the light and cranked up the head of the bed and concentrated on in and out and not coughing and the next thing I knew it was 4 hours later and when I woke up to pee.  Whew.

The worst part of COPD for me is spending the thankfully rare night just gasping for air. I haven't had one in a while and don't want another one ever and was so relieved that last night wasn't one. I went right back to sleep after getting back into bed and woke up when the alarm went off. Nice.

My swim this morning was good. I felt a little less than 100% but not much. Same now. And no after effects like when I over excet. Bullet dodged!


There are a couple of crochet designers here in Seattle who make marvelous patterns and offer classes. They are offering one - motifs - at a November knitting event. It's a Sunday morning which suits me perfectly. It's not exactly the class I would want but I figure I could learn something and it's pricey $80 and he knitting event is not my cuppa but what the heck. I signed up and paid my money. And then - 3 weeks later - I get a note last night that the class is not on Sunday morning but on Saturday morning. And the designers are still sending out tweets that it's Sunday. WTF? I'm paying $80 and they can't even work a calendar???

So I said no thanks, give me my money back.  They have no way to refund me the class money AND the processing money. So they will send me a paper check in the snail mail. Whatever. I'm done. And, at least they responded promptly.  Then, an hour later, the designers sent out yet another tweet about Sign Up For Our Class Sunday Morning. I replied that they might want to check with the knitting group.  They did and are now having to change their marketing materials.

It's a festuche for sure.  Glad I'm out.


The lady who gives away my bears is coming tomorrow to pick up the latest batch.  It would be very nice if this latest arrangement continues. It's very easy and handy on my end.