September 27th, 2014

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It's a beautiful, cool, quiet morning here. There is a soccer game across the street this afternoon and a baseball game down the block this evening so it won't be quiet much longer but, for now, it is.  And while I love hearing the hustle and bustle of the city, I enjoy a nice bit of quiet, too.  All I can hear now is a far away airplane and seagulls.

And it is so deliciously cool that I don't even need the ceiling fan on.

This morning, of course, there will be swimming at 9. The new ring lap counter/timer arrived and it is very cool. I'm looking forward to putting it to use. It will show me total laps, total time, avg time per lap, slowest lap, fastest lap and then, I can get the time of each lap.  I don't need or want quite that much data but it will be fun to see.

After swimming I think I'll make a grocery stop.  The soccer game is at 1 so I need to get the car home no later than noon and preferably by 11.

I'm running out of gas again. I hate hate hate getting gas. I think I can hold off until Monday when I have a teensy bit of a road trip. It will be cheaper out in the hinterlands and the stations are nicer, I think.

ADDitis - Today I haz it.

I got home from the pool/grocery about 11 am. It is now 3:15. I have gotten a lot done but all by accident. I sat down and turned on the TV and saw something that I needed to look up on the internet - and whoosh down the rabbit hole. Finally got out, unpaused the TV and finished watching. I got up to go pee and remembered that I'd forgotten to hang up my suit and towel, did that and remembered I wanted to look up a thing about my new lap ring/timer and I couldn't find it so I asked on Amazon, then I really really needed to pee so I got up again and this time remembered. And then filled my pool shampoo, soap and conditioner bottles and sat down to watch more TV and saw that I had forgotten to put away the groceries. Put them away and then remembered I wanted to mend something so decided to do that before I forgot it. Sat down to watch the lastest episode of Forever and at every commerical, I paused it and got up to do something else I remembered. I now have 15 minutes left to watch on it and just remembered I was going to wash some dishes.

Later. Later. I need to sit still and do one thing for a while. I feel like a ping pong ball.