September 2nd, 2014

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And... we're back!


Live Journal is broken! It broke just as I finished catching up and hit the 'post' button but I honestly don't think I broke it.

My next audiobook was not released until this morning (the latest Lee Child's Jack Reacher) so last night, before sleep, I read my latest Kindle book and it's fascinating. Working Stiff by Judy Melinek. It is fascinating! But, when I get into bed, I usually sit up, crosslegged, and play games on my tablet while I listen to my book. Last night, I was lying down, holding the book, the old fashioned way and Zoey was just as confused as could be. She finally found a spot between me and the book. I could see over her pretty well which was good because she was NOT moving. I was laughing while reading about dead bodies.

My package, the one Amazon said would be here last Friday, is finally out for delivery. Holidays really do fuck things up.

My gout kind of scared me yesterday. I think I walked too much and aggravated it. It was red and swollen and really pissed off. I iced it for a long time and kept up my gout pills and this morning, there is no sign of any problem at all! Wild and whew.

The pool opens at 11 and I will be there ready!

Also when Live Journal comes back, I'll be ready! The status page says it's fixed but my browser says, 'not so fast there, pedro!'.

Smiles after dark

Last spring, I bought and hung two cool lights out on my terrace. They didn't cost much and have a nice spiral thing that twists in the breeze - silently. They are solar powered and at night, they light up and continually change colors. But, because they need total darkness, it's only been lately that it's been dark enough for them to work well.  (Plus, most of the Summer I live with the shades down and you can kind of see them through the shades but not really well.)

This week, it's been dark enough early enough with the shades up for me to really enjoy them. Plus, the sweet bears in the apartment across the way strung up a really nice row of round white lights.  I finally remembered to take a picture last night.  Once that damn tree gets nude, maybe I can even get a shot with the guys.

So, what DID you do?

I get this question a lot. When people find out I'm retired, their next question is, So what did you did before you retired? I had two different careers. The last one was web production. The tools were nearly any kind of computer with internet access.

A lot of the first part of my career was writing speeches for IBM executives. This is still a fairly viable career but not like it was.   And the tools are totally different.

In the olden days...  The speech had to be written, re-written, edited, tweaked and polished with enough time to get it printed out - on actual paper, and into the speech box in time for the executive (who am I kidding... the Guy) to practice or, worst case, give the speech live with no rehersal.

I still have one of my old speech boxes.

And, hilariously, it has the 'user manual' inside.

I spent 5 of my speech writing years working for one guy. He loved his speech box.  He was a pretty good speaker and, generally, stuck to my script (so his speeches were always Great!).  He'd be all distracted and doing a million things until I put that box in his hands and then like a light switch being flipped, he'd be laser focused and ready to go. For big speeches sometimes we used a teleprompter but he used his speechbox, too.  If he needed visuals, we usually used an overhead projector and transparencies which we called 'foils'. Those, too, had to be created, edited tweaked and finalized ahead of time.

Today, I imagine speech writers who are working on computers with no paper, no foils and changing shit seconds before the welcome applause stops.  Honestly, I'm glad I got out of the biz before then.