August 20th, 2014

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Murphy and his law

So... yesterday I canceled the appointment to get my perfectly functioning toilet replaced on Friday.

Last night, the toilet started acting up. It won't stop a low level flush...

But, happily, I had already gotten Plan B started.  My fabulous Amyworks said they would pick up a toilet, install it and haul away the old one. Sheila at Amyworks sugggested an American Standard Cadet and Home Depot or Lowes.

Lowes and Home Depot both had an elongated, standard height (I hate those tall toilets for old people), dual flush American Standard Cadet. Lowes said it could be ready for pickup in a week. Home Depot said they have 19 of them at my store and it could be picked up anytime.  Home Depot won. Plus, it's closer to here.

Ordered the toilet and then sent email to Amyworks with my availability. Done and it's good. I feel way more comfortable with Amyworks than Unknown Plumber anyway.

Soon the Toilet Caper of 2014 will be over.


I went to sleep at 9 last night. I woke up very briefly several times. About 4 am Zoey came in to check on me and then went back to her bed. I slept right through to 6 and time to get up for swimming. I felt way more rested and fresh when I got up than even I normally do.  Swimming was ok. My back started really hurting - lower back - about midway through.  I paid close attention to keeping my head down. This helps and it did but still, ouch.  It's a little better now.


There's a food shop that opened up yesterday across the street. It's kind of a Whole Foods reduction. It's a very small shop with a lot of high end foodie items of all kinds. They also have some to go stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Expensive but good.  When I first head they were going to open, I went to check out their first shop (this is the second). I think it might be a good addition to the 'hood.  I will probably go over this afternoon and see what the last minute dinner to go options look like.


The baseball game is at 10 this morning. So that's where I'll be until it's done.

Weather jackpot

This morning, coming out from the pool, I was actually cool to the point of thinking that soon I will be able to trade my summer suit coverup for my winter one!

My living room is very comfortable without either the air condition on or the fan on.  Love it.

The Farmer's Market is up in the part a couple of blocks from here so I think I'm going to pause the baseball game and take a walk up there in the cool!

Another sleepy, non-eventful day

I got the building manager to come up and look at the toilet because 1. I wanted to make sure that whatever that toilet was doing wasn't going to flood me or my downstairs neighbors and 2. I wanted him to know of the issue because I really don't trust him not to come back and bite me in the ass with it down the road.  He assured me - barely looking at it - that the building was in no danger. I told him I had bought a new one and am having it installed.

(He has this 'thing' for policing residents who don't follow the rules he makes up after the fact and in secret. Yes, I can go to the board and I sure will if I need to but mainly I wanted to front end and hopefully mitigate his shenanigans.)

I haven't heard from Amyworks which kind of annoys me a little. I'd love to get a 'got all your emails and am waiting on info before I schedule your job' or something.  I think it's because I sent the request in email to Amy and really should have used the web form, but I had attachments!  Anyway, I finally bit the bullet and called.  Monday afternoon. 3 or earlier. Yeah.

I went to the farmers market which was really a disappointment but I'm glad I went and found out. I stopped in at the new store - also not a thrill. Again glad I went and found out.

The Mariners lost to Philadelphia who's team is way worse than ours. They beat us 2 out of 3 games. I always suspected that at our suckiest - which is where we lived for many years - it was so humiliating to lose to us. Now I know I was right.  Off to Boston next. They are having a horrible season as well, so I suspect they will beat our pants off. Sigh.

After lunch I was sleepy again and slept for about 45 minutes. I hate naps! But, at least now, at 5 pm I'm no longer sleepy.  Old people are supposed to need less sleep, not more! Not fair.

I ordered another soundbar for my TV. Every time I investigate how to make hearing my TV better, the answer comes up soundbar. I bought one about a year ago and could never get it to work with my TV and TiVo so I sent it back.  Today Amazon had a deal on a Yamaha that promised easy connections and, indeed, after I read the start guide and the manual, it does look pretty straight forward. Reconditioned $139. If it doesn't work, it goes right back.  It comes Friday.

My little girl wonder pitcher is pitching again right now. Her Little League team is from Philadelphia, too, But her's is a Philadelphia team I really <i>want</i> to win!