July 22nd, 2014

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Last night, air conditioner off, was almost too hot for sleeping. Today, I the air conditioner goes back on. I'm grateful to have it. The electric bill wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.  We've got maybe another 6 weeks, maybe not even that much, of weather that could get too hot.  I think I can make it.

I had to send my new chromebook off to HP for a warranty repair.  It's currently out for delivery. The issue was a very loose power port/plug. The process of getting the fix was pretty amazing in its efficiency. I sent the first 'my under warranty, laptop has an issue' email on Sunday, July 13. They sent me a box, I packed it up and sent it off, they fixed it and sent it back. 9 days total.  And of those 9 days, I was without it for only a week. I gotta say, for a $200 refurbished machine that's pretty impressive. Oh and, not once, in this process have I had to talk to anyone on the phone, much less wade through a telephone tree or kill time on hold.  I will absolutely remember this next time I'm faced with a decision and HP is in the mix of choices.


My brother has 4 computer repair techs in his employ. The oldest one is 26 and they are all of the male persuasion. They are all smart and good workers but so young and on their own for the first time and riddled with dept. One of them has 3 cars and two motorcycles and none of them work. They don't date, they play with computers/cars/games in their off hours.  He says it's like running a day care some days.  But he always says this very fondly. He told them last week that he had scheduled a photographer for this Wednesday so they could have new staff pictures for their website. This weekend they all - with no prompting from him at all - got their hair cut.  I think that's just adorable.


I need paper towels. And I have CD's to return to the library. And a package to drop off for UPS at Office Depot.  All of this will be done on the way to swimming at 11.

Great piece of advice learned from eavesdropping

Just now, I was watching/listening to the webcam in my brother's shop. He was talking to one of the newer techs about best practices on the phone. All day long they get calls from people who are so frustrated with their computers that calling a stranger for help is their only option. We have all been there and it's not pretty.

He was talking about how to turn a frustrated customer into a happy one with patience and understanding and careful listening. It was good stuff.

But, then he said that the real key was how you answer the phone in the first place. Your tone of voice is so important. It can make the whole call better if the tone you use to answer is welcoming and inviting.

Pretend that every call coming in is a call from someone you really want to talk to - someone you are really interested in talking to.

"A trick I use is to pretend that every call coming in is a call from my sister who is someone I always want to talk to."

Awwww but, really, that is such great advice!