July 11th, 2014


51oPzcXZTTLI have a poll coat/hat/everything rack in my front hall. With about 3 things on it, it becomes an ugly blob. I want a place to hang scarves/hats/coats/sweaters etc that does not look like a pile for Goodwill.  So I bought this metal bench/rack thing on Amazon.

I'm pretty sure that it's going to end up looking like a wider cheap ugly blob wedged into a too small place IF I can get it put together.  Yeah, my hopes are not high - on putting it together as well as the finished product.

So, I'm procrastinating.

For one thing, my yarn place - Herrschners - sent me a free shipping email today - one day only. So I had to put together a yarn order. That's my deal. I order whenever they give me free shipping. I have been low on the variegated 'sweater' yarn for a while so I stocked up on that.

And then I searched for a while for a tablet. But no one makes the tablet I want... yet. I was petty sure that was the case but now I know for sure.  Maybe they will for Christmas.

The new chromebook I got yesterday is HUGE. Way too big and way too heavy but otherwise extremely cool with LTE and free data for life. T-Mobile has this deal where they offer a small amount of online data for absolutely free for the life of the appliance. It's just exactly what I want. Enough to check email in a wifi vacuum with the option to buy more if needed and always there and ready. So that's excellent and the laptop is turquoise which just tickles me. It was only $200 so even big and heavy, it was a good buy for me.

I just spilled coffee down the front of my clean and new shirt. Lovely.

After I finish putting the rack together and getting it set up, I have the rest of the day, event free. Baseball tonight. It is way too hot to go anywhere. And that's the deal for the next several days. It's supposed to be in the 90's. So I'll be here with my beloved air conditioner.

So... off to change shirt, soak stain, clean up dishes from breakfast, and then... the rack.


Screenshot 2014-07-11 at 11.26.12 AM

This before and after makes the before look way better than it did and the after look not as good as it does BUT, I am happy with it and, honestly, that is all that matters.  I can hang more now than I could and the profile coming down the hall looks way nicer.

The instructions say to attach it to the wall. Er, no. It's steady enough. I couldn't get the wooden seat/shelf screwed in with the itsy bitsy screws so I used uglu to attach it.  Nobody's ever going to sit on it or pick it up by the bench so all I need it to do is not slide off. For $50, I'm happy.

Now I need to take the boxes - they sent it box in a box and wrappings down to the dumpster and I am done. Nice.

I think I found it...

With the change of the bear adoption situation, I've been rethinking my projects.  Crocheting a square after every bear is a good plan but I hated the squares. Too many holes and, individually, I didn't like them. Making a bunch and hoping they worked together seemed kind of dicey.  So I kept looking and I think I found a winner...

Not a square, I know... I may square it/them up later.  But I like the way they look and the color mixing opportunities. I need to figure out an easy way to work in the yarn tails from when you change colors but even weaving them in manually isn't horrible.

I don't really know what the end product will be. One options is sewing them together to make a bear!