June 30th, 2014


This morning I ran into a neighbor in the elevator. He and his wife have lived down the hall for at least 15 years. They work at Boeing and I would have guessed them to be in their 40's probably - early 40's. They always come and go together. Today he was alone and after we ascertained that I was on the way to the pool, I said 'you going to work alone? is Valarie ok?' Turns out, Valarie retired! After 40 years. 40 years?  We joked that she started working there before elementary school but seriously, she barely looks 40 much less old enough to have worked at someplace for 40 years. Wow. Wonder how old he is and how many years he's worked there?

The pool was not packed at all this morning, I only shared my lane for about 20 minutes and it was with a swimmer exactly my speed so an enjoyable share.

I just finished paying bills and catching up my accounts reconcile spreadsheet.

I was going to change the sheets and may still but Zoey is all nestled into the pile of comforter so I'll wait until she gets up from her morning nap.

And that's the end of my todos today until this evening. The baseball game starts at 5. I promised myself I would go to the next Home Owners meeting and that is tonight at 6.  So I'll go and then watch the game after.