June 14th, 2014

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Yesterday was exhausting in ways that I rarely experience any more. I feel like today is a clean slate opportunity to get it right this time.

The pool opens at 8:30 and I plan to be there. And then probably, I'll find breakfast and then the grocery. I need ice cream. My favorite milkshake of all time is a chocolate and banana milkshake. I have chocolate and bananas and, now, a blender so I need ice cream.

And then I'm planning a day of nothing. Hopefully. I have lots of good TV stacked up and bears to knit.

And so it goes

Ann sent out an email this morning to about a dozen people including me saying that she and her son and daughter-in-law have agreed with the doctor's assessment that Ron's 10% recovery is likely to be the best he's going to do. They are putting him on comfort care. "He will be in no pain and pass in a couple of days." According to her note, this decision was made yesterday before the whole tv sound issue. Friday, the 13th.

The note was cogently and thoughtfully written with only the slightest hint that this was probably only the 3rd email she'd ever sent in her life. It was certainly worth the effort to let us all know that way. One of the people on the list (not me) will, I'm sure, organize the rest to fill in temporary support for her and hopefully my dire predictions for how she'll manage are just way off the mark.


Ann just came by and turns out the whole Ron/neurologist conversation/decision happened this morning and not yesterday.  And she's actually gathering her ducks.  She asked a couple of very reasonable 'should I do xxx' questions.  She cried a little but she really seemed to kind of have it more together than I would have guessed.  Her neighbor across the hall set her up with a great service here in town that handles end of life services (cremation, death notices, social security stuff, etc.) and she was very grateful to know that she didn't have to worry about that stuff.  Tija got Netflix to put her account on hold.  I agreed with her plan to hire our friend, Jeff to handle the estate or find someone to handle it if he can't/won't.  It sucks but it could suck more.


In concert with Ron's dying, the dishwasher dying and the rain in my living room, my $200 Keurig coffee maker - which I love - is sputtering. I cleaned it all out and descaled it and still... it used to spit out a cup of joe in under a minute. Now it takes 2. What's next, 5??!! How can someone live like that?  I checked online and their website says my warranty expired on June 3 of this year. Of course it did.

But, I figured I'd call them and see if there was a revival technique I could try. The nice lady took my serial number and looked it up and told me, contrary to what the website says, my warranty is still valid.  She's sending me a new coffee maker!!!


I never heard of CMT's Crossover program but this latest one has Kacey Musgraves and Katy Perry on it and it's quite fun. I've told TiVo to get more, silvousplease.

knock knock - are you dead?

I was sitting here... knitting a bear... watching Fargo on TV when there was a knock at the door.  Ann knocks and comes in. This knock didn't come in.  So I got up and went to the door to find a giant policeman there.  He said they had gotten a report that there was a woman dead in unit 413.

If there ever was a true WTF moment in my life, this was probably it.

I allowed as how I was not very dead at all - I wasn't even particularly tired.  I invited them in to check for bodies.

I had gotten a call about 15 minutes earlier from a weird guy who wouldn't tell me who he was or who he was calling for and then asked if I was the one who knitted. I said I knitted and he asked if I would knit him something and I said no that I didn't do that.  Then he hung up. He called back about 5 minutes later and just grunted. I blocked his number.

I showed the cops the web cameras and explained that heavy breathers weren't totally out of the ordinary here but that was the only connection to something like this I could think of. Also, apparently, the call did not come into 911 but to the non emergency number so likely someone not calling locally.

The cops were pretty astounded to learn about the web cams. They could not get their heads around it. There ended up being 4 here and none of them had ever heard of such a thing as a publicly available webcam in a living room.  One of them noted that now that he understood he was really shocked to learn that I got random calls only once a month or so...'should be a lot more than that!'

The creepy caller tried again several times while the cops were here. When they learned that the one came has speakers, one of the cops said really loudly "Quit calling her!"  Funny.  I love Google Voice for letting me block and then letting me see his extra tries after the block!

The police said that a David Russell made the call and said he was visiting unit 426 and saw the dead woman in my unit. The local ABC affiliate TV truck was already waiting outside.

I was kind of sorry to have disappointed everyone. The cops were great and really impressed with my place and with the building. I allowed as how it was a great place to live and very safe.  One of them said "I guess so, if it's been here for more than 20 years and I've never had a call in here before!"

I allowed as how I was impressed but also so sorry that this idiot had wasted so much resource. It was a little embarrassing. They even got the building manager up here who about had a heart attack himself when they told him I was dead.

Quite the afternoon!!!  Now, back to Fargo.