June 11th, 2014

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Pool full Wed

Wednesday mornings have gotten quite crowded at the pool but I think it's temporary. In the shower today, the women there were talking about their triathlon training so I'm guessing in another month they will all have moved to the lake.  Even with the crowds, my lane was pretty drama free.  As long as the traffic flows, I'm cool with sharing.

Turns out that washing dishes by hand is not as much fun as one might think.  On the other hand, it does make one get the job done without delay. No way do I want anything to dry hard on on those dishes so pretty much right after they are dirtied, they are cleaned. I think I can manage until Monday without too much drama. I considered going out and buying a bunch of disposable dishes and then thought that was really a play better left for desperation and I'm not there yet.

My cough is gone - whew! I even slept very soundly last night without a Breathe Right strip.  I dreamed that my friend John (who died more than a decade ago) and I went on a weekend trip and had a great time. It was a fun dream.  And no coughing.

I learned this week that Smart Car (which is now fully Mercedes) no longer makes pretty Smart Cars. All of the wonderful color options are pretty much gone. They have like 7 colors now and they are dull dull dull. That added to the Mercedes place here changing hands and now being run by people who care way less about me and my car than the former ones, leads me to think this is probably my last Smart Car.  It will, hopefully, last me many years because I really do love it but... if for some reason it has to be replaced... if that happened today, I'd give serious thought to a Fiat 500. They have good colors. Sadly there is no longer a dealer in Seattle. There are two in surrounding suburbs but none in town.

LJ has made another tweak and now the new style works again on my little Chromebook. Yeah!

The housecleaner is here now making the house oh so much better. Not much of anything going on here today beyond the usual plus dish washing.