April 17th, 2014

My kind of day

It's cloudy and chilly and rainy today - exactly my kind of day. I don't have to go outside to be energized (or bummed) about the weather. Even aside from appreciating NOT having the sun glare barging into my living room, the rain feels clean and the chill feels invigorating.

And apparently it's a bit moist in Dallas today as well. The Mariners gift wrapped their game last night and handed it to the Rangers in the bottom of the 9th. So hearing that today's game may be rained out almost makes me relieved.

I ordered a bigger TV for my bedroom. I don't particularly need quality but I do need bigger than the 19 incher I have in there now. I think.  I want to retain the convenience of the DVD built into the TV.  They don't make many of those and really don't make many big ones.  But I found an el cheapo 32" DVD/TV combo at Walmart and ordered it. It should be here tomorrow.  I can easily take it back if it doesn't work (too big, bad picture, whatever). But, I'd love it if it did work. Particularly for baseball. Mostly my bedroom TV watching is baseball and news and I want both bigger, I think. I'll find out for sure tomorrow.

Nothing much on the agenda today. I do need bread and eggs so probably I'll pop into the grocery on the way to the pool this morning.