April 14th, 2014

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I need a hair cut and the dirty clothes bin is full and while I'm add it, I might as well change the sheets on the bed. That could be my Monday. But I may move the haircut to Wednesday.

The Mariners are moving east - Texas and then Miami.This means night games start at 5 or 4 my time and frees up a lot of evenings for TiVo catch up.

I realized long ago that my idea of wonderful weather was not shared by anyone. And everyone else's idea of beautiful weather was pretty much the antithesis of mine. But, along with this revelation came the realization that no one gives a shit. This time of year, as the weather changes, everyone feels compelled to comment on the good or the bad of it. My feelings are usually the opposite. I used to point out that not everyone thinks this hot weather is wonderful or that the rain is horrible. But, now I just nod and agree with whatever their stupid opinion of the weather is. It makes it all easier on everyone - maybe not me but really, in the end, me, too.

We are having bright, sunny, relatively warm weather today. Not my favorite by a long shot. I have exchanged words with maybe 4 people today and all 4 insisted that I agree the weather is wonderful and aren't we lucky??!!  One dude in the pool even noted that we should be swimming outside today!  (I swim outside ONLY when there is no indoor option available at all and usually select no swimming rather than swim outdoors.)

So bitch, moan, whine... for no good reason at all.  Maybe my attitude needs a haircut. I'll bet that's it.

Having the time...

One of the obvious benefits of retirement is having the time... I worried when facing retirement about losing the feeling of getting stuff done.  I value feeling productive and feared that once I was no longer working, I'd lose that as well.  I not only did not lose it, I got it one better.

Today I was putting the laundry away when I got to the linen cabinet. I tried to stuff the clean sheets in there... the sheets that I had just finished carefully folding and the only way to get them in there was to cram. So I stopped. Right there.  I pulled every single thing out of there, refolded and reorganized it and not only is there plenty of room for everything to go in nicely, I found 4 brand new wash cloths - my favorite kind in my favorite color - that I didn't even know I had!

I love having the time to do this kind of stuff right when I want it done.  And I love the results. I'm still enjoying the bathroom drawers that I organized weeks ago - every time I open them.

I do feel productive. A lot. I feel like I have my house and things in the kind of order I've always dreamed of. It's an amazing luxury.

I did get to the hair cutter's today and bought their incredibly expensive shampoo and conditioner.  But, considering, I've been buying my hair products at the dollar store for a long time, my average costs are still pretty reasonable. The woman who usually cuts my hair was there but another woman cut it. The regular cutter explained to the new one that my hair was 'really fragile' which kind of cracked me up. I'm not a person about whom anyone ever uses the word fragile.

I did also get all of the laundry done and put away. My brother's newsletter will be ready for editing later today. And then there is the baseball game. A nice day...  a nice retired day.