March 31st, 2014


April Fools is not my favorite day/past time, it's annoying but it's harmless and it's only a day. I'm trying to get more zen about a lot of this shit. Boston Strong, Oso Strong, 12th Man... Every news story is instantly morphed into a cause or a calling.  People jump on bandwagons so fast that I'm really sorry I didn't start investing in bandwagons long ago. But, if it helps people get through the day to play a prank, sympathize loudly with the group, over-enthuse about whatever, then no biggie. I can turn off the TV or change the channel, I can go to a different web page or scroll by the conversation. There's enough room for me and everyone else's opinion and my getting all bitching about it isn't really annoying much of anyone but me.  So...  I am trying to just let people be people and dodge my way around their drama.

Today starts baseball season. The Mariners have sucked for many years. I mean really really sucked. In past years, sports writers and pundits have started out the season expressing great optimism. And usually by May, all our hopes are killed and we just sigh. But, this year, they are mostly all saying that we don't have a prayer of any kind of a decent year. Nice, eh? Maybe they figure by lowering our expectations, we won't be disappointed and, should a miracle happen, we'll be delighted. Who knows. What I do know is that from now through September, we'll have baseball nearly every day and I'm totally ok with that.

I think today I'll be doing some website work. is just a mess of broken links, broken images and bad styling. There isn't much there any more but I think I can and should at least tidy up what is.

And that's about it for plans. At least for today.