February 9th, 2014

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I have no windows in my bedroom so I got out of bed a couple of times in the night to go check on the snow.  And this morning, there was some left.  Soooo pretty.  Plus, I love the sound of snow.  So quiet.

My nose is no longer bleeding and I'm working hard not to touch it,  but it sure is stuffed. Being able to sleep comfortably with my head elevated is sure nice.

And another thing I love about this new bed is how nicely the sheet stays taut on it.  It not only feels nicer than a sheet that is all rumpled but is looks so much nicer.  These same sheets, on my other mattress were always a mess and, even with elastic holders, often popped right off.  On this bed they don't move.  Nice.  Zoey's not entirely sure she's wild about the adjustable-ness.  At night, when I turn off the lights, I raise the head and the foot and turn on the massager with one button.  She scampers off for about a minute and then comes back and settles in.

I have nothing on the agenda today. I'm sure not going anywhere.

My TiVo has made a couple of not great moves - like freezing or rebooting itself or not recording correctly - lately.  The other night, while it was rebooting, I checked my records and realized that I had bought a 3 year warranty.  It's good for replacement until March of 2015.  But, replacing will mean losing everything that is on it if it fails.  So I started going through it to see what I couldn't stand to lose.  Honestly not much.  I caught up on Downton Abbey yesterday.  Otherwise, while it's full of stuff, none of that stuff is anything I'd be traumatized to lose.

So, I think today, rather than watching stuff I don't really care about, I think I'll listen to the audio book that I have going.  I do really care about it and I have more backed up behind it that I care about, too.

But, first. I think I'm going to make some breakfast.