February 1st, 2014

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Yesterday's adventure at Google was great fun.  The campus is really small - 3 smallish, short buildings.  (But, I did see on the news last night that they are currently in the process of building new buildings.) Parking was easy.  They have special, prime spaces designated for handicapped, of course, but also for Expectant Mothers, for carpoolers and for electric cars.   The receptionist situation was not nearly as slick at a lot of places (like Microsoft or IBM).  The wait was longer than it needed to be but it was fun to watch the to and fro of people and stuff going on.

My guy, Alec, picked me up soon and I got a badge and we went to another building in a nice room where he, very artfully, walked me through a script which was designed for (and successful at) getting me to talk about how I use various features, what stumps me, etc.  I was shown some advanced prototypes and asked my opinion about stuff.

It was really fun and very interesting and over way too soon.  I do hope that now my name has been marked Use This Chick Again!

There was a grocery store between the campus and the freeway.  It was one of those high end fancy ones.  I went in and got a couple of things.  I needed some Diet Dr. Pepper.  They had it for $6.79 for  6-pack.  NFW.  I was putting my purchases in my car when I spied a Bartel's drug store.  I needed chapstick so I went over and lo and behold, there in the window was a display of soft drink 6-packs - including Diet Dr. Pepper - 2 for $5.00.  SCORE!

I came on home just in time to help my brother and his crew with some new remote support software.  Turns out they needed a 'customer' with a windows computer so I switched to my desktop but they needed one with a microphone so I switched to my old ASUS laptop.  It did the job, painfully.  That laptop just needs to be put out of its misery.  I need to find a cheap refurb or something and just get rid of it. It pisses me off every time I have to use it.  A project for next month.


Last night I dreamed about this stupid bed delivery.  About the politics of the old and new building managers. It was a long and complicated dream.

I woke up this morning and said fuck it. I sent an email to Matt and the store manager and said bring the bed on Monday.  Day after tomorrow.  They will call Sunday night with a 2 hour window.  I'll figure out this end.  If the elevator is being used for something else - like a move or something - we'll just wait for a turn.  I am ready to get this bed shit done.

In much happier news, I got an email that my new phone will be here today!  by noon!!  I ordered it on Thursday - with the colors of my choice (green with metallic blue accent colors and my name stamped on the back) - free shipping.  And they sent it Fedex Priority Overnight!  Way to turn that frustrating event into Yahoo!!!

I didn't have any big plans for today so I think I'll just wallow in playing with my new toy.

After my swim, of course.  Pool opens at 8:30.

I spent a lot of time trying to wrestle iTunes and audible.com into playing with each other for the first time. It turns out that "reading" on my waterproof iPod Shuffle while I'm swimming is lovely.   Yesterday  I went to the library and checked out an audible book and managed to get it into iTunes and then onto my player.  Success!

  • So I have an audible book going on my phone that I listen to before I go to sleep at night and sometimes during the day - this is always a novel.

  • I have a Kindle book on my phone/paperwhite that I read during meals.  This is usually a biography or some other non-fiction.

  • Now I have another swimming audible book.  To keep from getting confused, I've decided that humorous essays - Sedaris, NPR Driveway Moments, etc.

I love all the options.