January 8th, 2014

Gadgets all day and a swim

I just got back from the pool and my brother is asleep.  All is good.

Today we spent the day at the section of CES that is devoted to Not Things Yet and/or Just Became Things.  A whole bunch of Kickstarter and Indigogo stuff and it was all soooo cool.We met a lot of very fun and interesting people and saw a lot of fun and interesting stuff.  And saw a lot of stuff that was just weird and/or solving problems that weren't problems.

There are a bascillion bejillian external chargers.  All colors all sizes lather, rinse, repeat.  We would wander down the aisle and see Cool Stuff, chargers, chargers, charges Cool Stuff, chargers, bluetooth headsets, iphone cases, chargers and then Cool Stuff.  It was funny.

The best thing I found was called Instabeat. It's a product from Lebanon that fits over your swim goggles and not only tracks you over time but also gives you real time info on heart rate and stuff while you are swimming!! I can't wait.  It's supposed to be available in a couple of weeks.

I did no walking today so the swim felt great.

Tomorrow we have one last building - the biggest one.  And then we will be done and it will have been good.

The town is getting crowded.  This year I had the foresight to make dinner reservations for tonight and tomorrow. We almost didn't get  in to any place for dinner last night so next year, I'll do Tuesday night, too.

I brought just about the right amount and variety of clothes.  And will have just about the right amount of space for the swag we will have collected.  It's all working out fine and dandy.