December 5th, 2013

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Today is a blank day - calendar wize speaking.  I'm totally fine with that.  It's very chilly and I'm sitting on the bed surrounded by a fluffy comforter.  Zoey is sacked out in one of the comforter valleys.  Nice.

I'm listening to the news on NPR and getting increasing irritated at their slant on today's news stories. My journalism professors are, I'm sure, all dead and they should be so grateful. They would stoke out at the state of today's journalism. I had one guy who used to bring in newspaper clippings and recordings of tv/radio news and rail at the number of emotional adjectives.  They were really few and far between.

Today, news reports - on tv and radio and even in print - are full of words like tragic and wholesome and scandalous and heartfelt. These, according to my professors, have no business in professional news reporting - editorials, yes, news reporting no.

Of course, my last journalism course was in 1971.  Things change...

I just changed the channel to Pandora - way better.

Swimming today is at 11.  I have no errands or any todos before or after today.

My yarn source is having free shipping for the next couple of weeks so I'll put together a new yarn order. I need to check my stash and make sure I've got a nice balance of colors - maybe I'll do that today.

I just interrupted this entry with way too much mindless internet surfing. If I don't get up now and do my breathing drugs, I'll spend the rest of the day panting...  On it.

Are you a grammar bully?

After reading and commenting and reading another comment, I decided this was just too good not to share.

Plus, remembering my own delicious typos - not really grammar errors - but I did once have Ethel Merman (instead of Ester Williams) swimming 2 miles a day and last night, on Google Plus, I waxed poetic about my new GPS saving me when it was actually my UPS.

But, still...


Originally posted by andrewducker at Are you a grammar bully?
Do you, when seeing a grammatical mistake in someone's informal writing, which doesn't cloud the clarity in any way, feel the need to leap in and make it all about you, by correcting it?

Do you feel the need to do so even when people are not making mistaked at all, but simply making stylistic choices which would have offended your English teacher back in the dark ages?

Then, frankly, you can fuck off back to your own Facebook/Journal/Blog/Whatever, and rant about The Youth Of Today _there_.l

Because that kind of behaviour gets in the way of proper discussion of what the person was talking about.* It turns it into a discussion of a piddling side-point which is almost certainly utterly irrelevant to the point they wished to discuss.

What it effectively does is say "When I was young, I had this set of rules beaten into me so much that I twitch whenever I see someone break them. And so I am now going to beat them into you." It's derailing, it's bullying, and it's the kind of behaviour up with with which I will not put**.

So, from this point onwards, I'm going to delete comments on this journal (and on FB, where I already made this announcement) which do this***.

(Exception: This post. Feel free to argue about it in the comments.)

*Unless, of course, said discussion is _about_ grammar, in which case feel free to let loose.
**Yes, I know that Churchill didn't say that
***To quote ciphergoth "There'll be a lot less comments like that by the time you've finished."

a mystery and a fun solution

I use a polyester stretch swim cap. As usual, this morning, I put on my suit, I stuffed my cap into the top of my suit for safekeeping, I put my clothes on over my suit and went to the pool.  At the pool, I took off my clothes in the locker room and headed out to the pool.  I took out my goggles and my music player and reached into my boob area to get my cap and it was gone.  Disappeared.  Not there.  Not anywhere in my suit.

I later looked into all my clothes and watched my path back home right to the spot where I last saw it and the cap is gone. Disappeared. Nowhere to be found.  A mystery... as yet unsolved.

Happily, I had a spare in my swim bag so all was ok.  They are cheap caps so really no big deal, just way curious.


This winter, so far (and I'm blaming it on winter because my doctor does) I've been plagued by coughing fits.  It's a dry, tickle in your throat, can't breathe without coughing cough that is really incredibly annoying.  If I'm around people, it's embarrassing - there's no way to stop it.  It sounds bad and it makes breathing a problem. My rescue inhaler helps but not immediately.

I am delighted to have discovered that a fabulous way to stifle the cough immediately is hot chocolate!!  I have Nestle's powder - 2 or 3 scoops and hot water from my Keurig and BAM, I'm in business. It's delicious and cough is gone!