November 29th, 2013

My tweets


As I peruse (or stalk, depending on your POV) my friendsfriends (now that I have the no-communities version), and dig deeper into interesting entries, I'm discovering that a lot of the people with the most interesting entries have been on LJ as long as I have.  My first entry was in 2002. I guess that shouldn't be that much of a surprise but it kind of is.  I'm finding new journals for my friends page that make it read more like the olden days of the early oughts. I'm generally not one of the good-old-days school but this is my exception.

I have nothing on the agenda today. There are a couple of errands I'd like to do - mainly Costco - but NFW am I even going to try them today.  They can wait until the world calms down.

Today is not a great breathing day so it's probably good that there's nothing I really have to do.  I really do hate that the pool is closed.  I'd love to be able to get in a swim today.  I feel like the swimming - helps the breathing on bad days but likely it just helps  my attitude about them!

The pool opens at 8:30 tomorrow and I plan to be in that water at 8:31.

Maybe I'll go take a short walk - to get a fancy coffee or something - later.

Now I think I'm going to make myself some brunch.

Really?? Excellent news!

My Twitter feed just spit out some tweets about a labor protest at the Walmart in Factoria (about 10 miles from where I sit).  Yawn, another protest at Walmart.

I love Walmart myself.  I totally get that I am regarded as a horrible, misguided, enemy of the people for this opinion but I don't care. I love Walmart.  Black Friday protest.  BFD.

But, wait, there's a Walmat in Factoria?????!!!!!!  Holy crap!  This is huge!!!  I love urban living but the downside is that we don't get cool stuff like Walmart or Red Lobster or Sonic or Popeye's.  We have to get on the highway and drive 30 minutes to get to any of those places and now... I'm finding out that they've put in a Walmart 15 minutes away???

The shopping center it's in has been abandoned and/or filled with crap for years.  The Target store that is there is not worth the trip on its own. The movie theater next door isn't either.  But combined with Walmart... hmmmm

There is also a really nice animal shelter right there.  I do not want another cat. I do not want another cat. I cannot go near the place because I do not want another cat.  But they also have the cutest dogs. I do not want a dog.  The last time I was there, I saw this couple carrying out an adorable dog in their arms and he had this look on his face of such "I just got ADOPTED!!!!" joy. The image is burned on my brain.

But anyway, the big news du jour is that finally I have a Walmart in spittin' distance!!  Yahoooo!!!!