November 26th, 2013

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That guy who invented the Breathe Right strips is really my hero.  Those little things are just magic.  And, yes, I slept great last night. Plus, I do love sleeping in cold weather.

We are currently operating with some bad air - the news people keep talking about burn bans and air quality (bad) and now they are warning people with respiratory issues to take precautions.  ??  Half the time (when I'm not coughing or panting), I think my own respiratory issues are all psychosomatic.  I don't need encouragement.  I'm not going outside anyway except to get to the pool and back.

Today the pool doesn't open til 11.  I plan on being there then.  The pool is closed both Thursday and Friday which gives me a big sad face but at least it will make the Saturday swim all the sweeter.

Not a lot else going on and my mind is kind of blank this morning.  Some days I'm more brilliant than others, I guess.


I methodically went to BECU via email to ask if I could deposit a cashier's check for $9,000 via my phone.  The response was SURE!  The truth was NFW.  But before I got to the NFW part, I went back into Key Bank and closed out the accounts and got the check.  Then I came home, fired up the phone and found out it wouldn't work.  GRRRR  The closest branch/ATM that takes deposits is not close to me at all.  BUT, then I found a 'partner' credit union.  Another trip out but the deed, she is done.  Whew.

I am so not a pretty, happy, kind person when what should be easy peasy turns out to be PIA.

In the pool today I listened to more turn of the 70's anti-war hippy music.  I spent the hour in about 1969-70. God we were so young and stupid.  And we thought we were so special and we weren't.  I think I got my fill.  As I type, the Everyly Brothers and another group I just found - The Good Intentions - are going onto the swim iPod.  It takes so long. I wish there was a way to just drag and drop the mp3's without all of the syncing and db cleanup stuff it has to do but at least I don't have to use iTunes to do it.

I thought I had real content for this entry but I guess not - just bitching and moaning about problems that aren't even enough to qualify for 1st world.  Sigh.

Adding frenzie[sic]

Since I have now learned how to view friends of friends without celebrity gossip or oh no you didn't, I'm finding all kinds of interesting people and new journals and adding them to my friends list like crazy.

It's great fun to find all this new reading!