August 27th, 2013

Nothing much

I got the usual nothing much going on today.  Only today it feels like there is more nothing than usual.  I think I may be falling into a rut that is not a particularly good rut. I need to give some serious thought to unrutting.

I slept well except had a just-before-you-wake-up dream that was very disconcerting. It was about my sister. She couldn't get logged on to her computer. I quickly ascertained that she needed to hit enter but then she wouldn't get off the phone so I could show her.  I have not seen my sister in 15 years and have had no contact with her in a decade and still I let her piss me off.  How very mature of me.

I was looking over the TV programs for Fall. For me, it's usually such a hopeful time. The new shows look like they have such promise.  Invariably, of course, they mostly stink or if they don't, they are yanked off the air, but before I've seen them, I'm hopeful.  Last night I looked over the list and there were precious few I was even interested enough to watch for 5 minutes to ensure I won't like them.  Arugh!  I always like a good doctor show and usually there are a few of those and there are none this year.  One lawyer show.  This is going to be a bleak Fall.  I need a Plan B.

At least my latest audio book is turning out to be a winner and it's the first of so far 3 in a series (The Burning - Jane Casey).

Swimming will be at 11 today.