July 31st, 2013


I have been listening to podcasts on my mp3 player while I swim.  If I've done my half mile and the podcast is still going on, I just plug it into the car radio and listen to the rest of it on the way home.

This morning, I decided to listen to music instead.  Just as I hit my two post half mile laps, one of my favorite songs came on so I did four more laps to hear all of it.  Not worth listening to half a song in the car but totally worth the extra swim.

This morning it was almost sweater chilly.  Had I not been going right to the car and into the pool, I would have tossed on my car hoodie.  And it was the first morning that I noticed headlights on cars!!!  Another night without the air conditioning.  I know it will get hot again before it cools off but I'm loving this oasis.

Today is farmer's market day. I need pickles.  They don't open for an hour yet.  Which is fortunate because I have not finished my coffee yet and Zoey is curled up here on my lap purring away. I am not going to mess with that goodness.

Nothing else really on the agenda. I'll probably do some laundry.  Book reading will happen but now I'm not really wanting this story to end... (now that I know the SPL isn't going to swoop down on my Kindle and delete by book as long as I keep the wifi off).  I have a small list of little todos and the ballgame is at 4.  This really is the good life.  I expect it to be yanked any time now so I'm just enjoying it all I can.


Zoey has a hiding place and I don't know where it is.  I could get my big flash light and do a grid search of the house calling her name and she would come out and likely reveal the location.  But, I kind of like that she has a personal life and I don't have a good reason to invade her privacy.

Zoey revealed

I just opened the door to the living room cupboard and out crawled Zoey.  She's been in there since 5 pm (2.5 hours) when I put some stuff away and shut the door.  Ok, so new rule, no privacy for Zoey.  If she goes missing for more than an hour, it's a grid search.

So sorry, Zoe.

She does not seem pissed. I'll bet she had a great nap.