July 30th, 2013

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Yesterday, I got my Google Chromecast $35 gizmo.  It's a cool little thing.  I've never been a big You Tube person and turns out that, right now, tossing You Tube magically to the TV is what this thing does best (next to Netflix).  I don't really 'get' the best way to find good You Tube stuff so I killed a bunch of yesterday finding and watching random You Tube videos.

I did find a bunch of Kasey Musgraves acoustic videos. I love her songs but the orchestration is so much that for me, it bruises the real songs. I enjoyed watching/listening to her and her buddy on their acoustic guitars.  And I watched some swimming techniques stuff.

And then I had a huge fight with Logitech over my old Harmony remote.  I finally won but it was ugly.

I slept with the terrace door open, the air conditioner off and the ceiling fan on low last night. It was even a little chilly towards this morning.  Heaven!!  I can't believe it's the last week in July and it's so amazingly comfortable.  Only 5 more weeks of hot to go. I can see the good from here.

Tuesdays and Thursdays have no early morning swim at my regular pool.  The closest pool that has it is closed until after Labor Day.  My pool opens for laps at 11.  There's a class today at noon.  I've really lost interest in the classes but I enjoy seeing my friends so I'll probably time my swim so I can work in a pre-class visit with my peops with my laps.  Nothing else really going on today so it shouldn't be a problem.

The green chair has hit its bear limit so I'll be moving them all out to fish room for their photo today.  I'll drop them off at the Baby Corner probably on Thursday.

The baseball game is in Boston so it's at 4 pm which is nice. Right now it's time to clean up the kitchen.  It's not dirty, just untidy but in a loft, one untidy space can make the whole joint look messy.


The first two laps of every swim are hard.  I don't know why.  3-40 are great and easy.  I am clueless about those first 2.  I practised all the YouTube stuff I learned yesterday today.  Some was successful and some I really can't tell.  My swim teacher/coach Alvin is lifeguarding at the beaches this summer so not at the pool to poke fun at my technique.  Hopefully, he'll be back in September and able to tell me every single thing I'm doing wrong.

I think Zoey is bored.  She probably would enjoy having another cat - maybe even a kitten to play with.  However, I'm actually pretty darned happy with Zoey as my only kitty.  Maybe she needs a little dog.  Maybe I need a thought cleanse on the whole pet issue. I am not getting a dog.  And I really don't think I'm getting another cat.  Meanwhile she's still enjoying the new laser toy and she still has not caught that red dot.

I need a 12 year old to come over and walk me through You Tube best watching practices.

I do miss the Front Door TV Network.