July 3rd, 2013

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Too hot to sleep so I'm going to the pool...

I woke up at 6:30 and could not even doze any more so, I started thinking... today's one of the days that the pool is open from 6:30-8...  If I hustled, I could do it.  So I hustled.  I was in the pool by 7:15.

Early morning swims are different and interesting and I think maybe I like them!  It's quiet - no screaming kids.  There are 6 lanes instead of 5 (they combine on for a bigger space most of the rest of the time). Each lane already had 2 or 3 swimmers going when I got there but the pace they had already set was totally doable.  It was great.  What a fabulous way to start the day.

By about 7:30, people started dropping out.  By 7:45, the entire pool was empty except for me and a couple of guys in other lanes.  It was quiet and lovely.

I got out and got my stuff and when to take a shower.  I realized after I was dressed that I'd left my shoes out by the pool.  I turned the corner and the quiet, still pool that I had left was full of about 75 kids all doing lane work and splashing up a storm.  I could not even get a handle on how they were organized but apparently I was the only one confused.  It was mayhem but everyone was having a blast.

On the way out to my car, I saw one Mom parked in the shade, seat back, catching up on her Zzzzz's.  It made me smile.

I went on to McDonalds for a sausage biscuit and coffee and came on home and here I am and it's not yet even 9 am!  On the downside, no more swimming until Friday.

The pool has early morning hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  I thought the mid day suited me but maybe early morning does.  Or maybe a mix.

So the rest of today... I'm heading over to the neighborhood farmer's market.  I need more pickles.  And a loaf of good bread.  Anita made me some home ground ham salad that is just outstanding.  It deserves good bread and need to be topped by some half sour slices.

And that's really it.  No other plans really.  I have a full TiVo and lots of bears to knit and an air conditioner.  I'm good.

Zoey, Zoey, Zoey

I replaced the lovely shoji tri-fold screen with an ugly baby gate for when the front door is open because Zoey loves to watch the hallway.  It worked great for a week.  Now, when she wants to go out, she just happily jumps right over it.

I'm going to forget I know this for now. If the neighbors bitch, then I'll just close the door.


I spent a good part of this afternoon fixing up an email template for my brother.  He (or rather is really amazingly industrious worker) sent out an email to customers with a graphic that was 800kb - way way way too heavy.  And, it wasn't particularly wonderful either.  So I made a way better new one (30kb).  My brother gave me the credentials to their emailer and I used the ever so handy template builder to wrap the rest of it around and make it easy peasy for him to use next time.

I'm not a graphic designer but I can cut and paste and, given enough time, figure out how to fix what I don't like.  Plus, it's fun and different and my brother and his crew are so very appreciative.


Also the 3rd load of laundry is finishing up now.


Yesterday my brother and I both registered for CES in January. I bought our plane tickets.  Now, I'm just waiting for the hotel deals to hit the CES website.  Once I get that booked, then we'll be set and I can just sit back and anticipate.

I foot the bill for the both of us for all of it.  I love that I can do it and that he's willing and gracious about it.  I think we both enjoy every single bit of it.  It's my annual vacation, Christmas, trip, treat and splurge. Since I'm paying, I don't have to worry whether or not he can afford the places I want to eat and things I want to do. I start saving up for next year as soon as I get home in January so that I pretty much have it all paid for by the time it's over which is a fun way to do it.

And he goes down and brings back coffee every morning before I even wake up.  It's heaven.

Usually we have gone the day before it starts, stayed 2 days and left the following.  This year, the return flight availability was just ugly.  So we are staying an extra day. We'll leave for LV on Monday morning and come back Friday morning.  I think it will be better to not be so rushed.  We can take our time and enjoy.

And I am for sure taking 2 pairs of shoes this year.