April 15th, 2013


Generally, when I swim on my own - not in a class - I actually do vertical aerobics an some resistance (strength) stuff but today, I think I might try some laps.  I think I'd like to work myself into being able to do 30 minutes of nothing but laps.  I now I can't now, but maybe I can if I work up to it.  Will start today.  Probably.


Zoey and Betty wound up on the bathroom this morning with me.  Zoey was there already resting on her blanket and Betty followed me in because she wanted more breakfast.  While I brushed my teeth they just sat there - 2 feet from one another - and looked at each other.  For a pretty long time.  No talking, no growling, no hissing.  Just looking.


I did a fair amount of yarn organization last night.  All the new yarn in one ottoman, all the yarn bits in another.  Once I run through all the stuff in the basket currently, I may do a bunch of yarn bit bears.  I've done this before.  The bears look kind of patchwork and all my bits make a fair number of bears.  It's kind of like getting free yarn.


No baseball game today.


I currently have one whole hand and arm nearly entirely free of any blood bruises!  The other arm is clear but the hand is pretty nasty looking.  I could put it in my pocket, though, and look nearly normal.  But now the knuckles are getting stiff.  This comes and goes - as does the gout I get in one particular finger.  I think it's to remind me how lucky I am that my hands let me knit!

No sense in leaving for the pool for another 40 mins so I think knit, I will!

The lap experiment = total win

I did 10 minutes of laps with no stopping.  Then 5 minutes of vertical cardio and then 5 more minutes of laps.  Then I finished off with my regular stuff but the laps were great!

I was thinking that it would be really cool to download some podcasts to listen to while I'm lapping.  I need the fast beat music to keep my pace up with the other stuff but with laps I can just measure me by the other swimmers.  I could easily keep up with Green Trunks Guy (he's the nice guy who always asks about my car and is there most days when I am).

There are lots more pool opportunities for laps than my other stuff.  Plus it's nice to have something different.  And it doubles as breathing exercises which can't hurt my lungs and might help.

Kewel.  Now it's lunch time.