April 11th, 2013

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Thursday already?

This week has gotten away from me.  No big deal but just kind of unusual.

This morning I did the first pass work on my brother's newsletter.  He has more content to add before it's done but I do love doing it.  I love the opportunity to help him out in a way he really needs and it's just fun to exercise my computer and editorial skills in such a low key no lose situation.

Zoey is chasing the red laser and keeps jumping across this keyboard. I'm going to lose this entry in a minute.  I changed the spelling of her name.  We discussed it and she's cool with it. I do need to get her her own nametag. I feel guilty now every time I spy the 'Pizza' on the one she's wearing now.  (AND thanks again to my cataract surgery that I can even see the tiny letters!)  She doesn't care cause she can't even read the tag when it's on her collar but I care.

Big money coming in tomorrow.  My Zappos $200 refund will hit my Discover card and WhereIsMyRefund says my $488 refund will be in my bank account tomorrow.  I love that I can see and know all these details.  I so remember the dark days when credit card and bank info came in the snail mail, generally 2-4 weeks after even the latest transactions.  Now I can go to the grocery, charge my purchase and see it on my credit card when I get home. It feeds the control freak in me.

The $200 will pay for my cell phone and cable bill, both of which are now ready for payment.  And the tax refund goes right to the Health Savings Account.  I still have $1,500 that needs to go in there to get my full tax deduction.

I think I'll wash the cat beds today. Neither cat uses them any more so I'll at least wash them before I put them away for a while.  I also need to rethink the living room litter situation.  It needs a bigger box but the bigger box needs to be as cleverly concealed as the current one.  In the same, small space.  It's going to take some thinks.

Right now, Windows wants a reboot.  I think I'll go ahead and get that over with.  I need to swap this computer - the one I use all the time - with the Chrome book.  The Chrome book is so much easier to deal with.

Race for irony

My neighbors, Ann and Ron, just spent 10 days on the Mississippi River - from New Orleans to Memphis on a fancy cruise.  They are So.Ca. folks and this was their first foray into the South. These are the same neighbors who have no qualms about pointing out that 'Orientals (their word) can't drive for shit' and expressly demanding 'Someone who can speak English' when they call customer service and noting how all taxi drivers have towels for hats.

I have, on more than one occasion told them that I would rather they didn't talk that way and asked specifically not to around me.

Ann was just here to tell me all about her trip - the Southerner at the AT&T Store who refused to help her figure out how to use her cellphone (which she's had for a year and never figured out herself) and the 'black boy' who took her Nook back to the kitchen to charge it for her in the Atlanta airport and refused a $5 tip.

Then she told me that in the car with the people they were visiting keep talking about the 'coons' so 'Ron told them that that kind of language made me not happy'.

???????? I guess I should appreciate that she does draw the line somewhere.

And she brought me country ham.  Not the kind I was looking for but some great stuff nontheless and that's what I'm having for dinner!!