March 24th, 2013

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I remember now why I go out to brunch

Today I didn't.  I made a scramble that kind of finished off some stuff I had in the fridge.  (My brother calls this 'mustgo' - he loves to make mustgo soup.)  Way too many ingredients, too much to put away, too much to clean up and, honestly, not that delicious.  At least when I discovered that the olives didn't work, I could pick them out without worrying about insulting the chef.

Now I am finishing my coffee before I clean up the kitchen and get on with my day.

Betty is napping and Zoe if playing with the Bolt laser toy.  She now knows the sound of it.  I put it on the floor just now and turned it on and it ended up with the red dot under her ass.  She was like WTF??? WHERE IS IT! Finally it moved and so did she.  She's trying to outwit it now.  She's losing.

She also turns out to be a litter thrower, I'm having to make adjustments with the living room litter box so that picking litter out of the carpet isn't a regular thing.  I found an old piece of plexiglass to bridge the space where she's likely to make the biggest pile.  You can't really see it.


When it comes time to bring the airconditioner-on-wheels in, there's going to have to be some creative living room arranging... fj, isn't it time for you to come visit Seattle?  Towards the end of May would work for me.

It's not time yet, however.  This morning was so cold that when Betty came to wake me up for breakfast, she could hardly find me.  My head (and the rest of me) was buried in the duvet.  My favorite kind of sleeping.

My sores from Friday's fall are way better today. No ibuprofen needed.  And I think  my skinned knee will be ok for the pool tomorrow.

Today, I think, is going to be knitting and TV and baseball. A nice quiet Sunday.

smelly, icky, cat notes (you may want to move on)

I'm giving Betty pumpkin with every meal to firm up her diarrhea and boy does it every work.  But yesterday, I had not seen any of her orange deposits so I thought maybe I had over-pumpkined her. (She did not spend much, if any, time covering her poop - just dumped and ran.  Zoe is a coverer. So when I didn't find any uncovered...)

Today I gave Betty no pumpkin and I learned two things.  1.  Apparently she sometimes does cover her poop really well and 2.  A day without pumpkin is totally asking for trouble.  Just before dinner she made a very pungent and liquid deposit and then spent 20 minutes trying to cover it up.

I should have known because she's been begging for food all day.  The pumpkin apparently fills her up (fiber, baby) and she eats way less and only begs at mealtime.

So... now that we've had a control day, we know the drill.  And by we, I mean me.

Just more kitty documentation.

Thankgoodness Zoe is free of any food drama.