January 5th, 2013

The first round goes to Betty due to an offensive error

I squirted half her dose into her food and left it overnight so that the food smell would take it over.  Even so, she turned up her perky little nose at it.  But, it wasn't her favorite food. Head slap. Doh. 

So just now I took the second half of the dose and mixed it in with her regular food and so far so good... yeah, she's lapping it up now.  Whew. Ok, stick to tried and true. Classic Fancy Feast chicken, beef and turkey. Noted.


This morning is swim class at the pool on the other side of town and then, I got nothing.  If I'm starving, I might find a  place for brunch. But, other than that, I have no plans. 


Ok, she didn't finish every morsel but I think she will. She'll go back in a bit and finish it off. I think we have marginal success. I think I'll dose her tomorrow and Monday morning and not foist this onto Ann. Ann is not a cat person but makes an exception for Betty so I think I won't push it.

Pool time!

I think I'm winning

Clearly animals with health issues are not my thing. Actually, humans with health issues aren't either for that matter. No one would ever mistake me for a nurse or a doctor or a vet. The best I could do is make you laugh and hope that, in fact, laughter is the best medicine.  

Betty, however, is not laughing. She does love her food, though. So I'm adding the antibiotic into a little bit of her favorite food and giving it to her. She'll eat it cause it's all there is. I did stop by the expensive food store and picked up a couple of cans of the food she likes the very best - cat crack, I call it.

Swimming was good. I stayed after class and did an extra 15 mins of balance work and stretching with the noodle. I hope the pool in our hotel is really open and a good one. The Wynn twitter person said it would be open so I'm counting on it. My Google research last year showed no Las Vegas hotels had their pools open in January and then I saw with my very own eyes someone swimming in Caesar's pool. Ha!

I stopped by Denny's for breakfast after swimming and it was ok. My expectations were low and they were met. I am, however, loving having the New York times on my phone. There is always something fascinating to read waiting for me and easily accessible.

Now I'm going to post a begging for friends entry and then maybe turn on the TV and knit. My book is getting too close to the end so I want to save it.

(no subject)

Art Kouris is looking for new friends and so am I so I'm just copying his clever ploy.

I'm looking for new friends, people who are like me, or who like people like me.

  • 63 YO straight female
  • Retired web producer
  • knitter
  • gadget lover
  • aqua jogger
  • baseball watcher
  • tv watcher
  • reader
  • seattle-ite
  • registered democrat
  • I live alone and have for most of my life
  • I eat what I want when i want so I'm fat - I'd rather not be fat but I'm not willing to sacrifice my eating pleasure
I post to my journal for my own pleasure/recording, not necessarily to gather an audience. I friend and unfriend without asking and without expectations. 99% of my journal is public so you can follow along without friending, if you like.

I'd love to find journals of people who post regularly and share their lives.  I'm not big on fan fiction or memes or polls or quizzes but would rather read about you - your thoughts and ideas and life goings on.

It would be fun if you would spread the word and/or if you would let me know of journals you think I might like to add to my reading list.

Dear LJ

How is it that I get 503's whenever I try to get to an LJ page for most of the afternoon and yet... and yet... and yet... I get 4 spam comments during the same time period???????  Can't you give those assholes 503's and give me the pages?  Please?

Love, me

2 steps forward and 1 step back

Tonight Betty po0pped in the litter box AND also on the carpet in the half bath (the room before where the litter box is).  Grrrrr.  

I think tomorrow I'm going out and getting another litterbox and fill it with the old timey litter. Maybe she's decided now after all these months that the World's Best isn't the world's best.  I'll set up the new box in the half bath where she has now pooped twice.  Maybe she'll take the hint.


My begging for new friends has worked!  Welcome!  To bring you up to speed with the latest:

1.  My 12 year old cat, Betty, has recently taken to pooping in inappropriate places. I took her to the vet who tested her blood and discovered that she has 3 times the amount of white blood cells that she should.  So she's getting an antibiotic that she's not happy about and we'll test again in two weeks.  Outside of the creative pooping she is her old self, perky, eating and drinking normally.  She's a wonderful kitty - except for that pooping sitch.

2.  I am going to Las Vegas on Monday - to the Consumer Electronics Show. I'm meeting my brother (who owns a PC  repair shop outside of Austin, Texas) there and we are planning to get some good visiting in as well as wallowing in gadgetry goodness and major swag acquisition. I love Las Vegas and this will be my 3rd CES.

3.  I'll be back on Thursday but totally connected the whole time I'm gone so anyone hoping for a reduction in the number of my LJ entries is going to be really disappointed.


I have 30 minutes left in the audible version of Heft. It is a great read if anyone is looking for a nice novel to consume.  The audible version is particularly yummy.  The book is written in the voices of the two main characters and the audible version cast two perfectly perfect voices. 

I went to audible.com to see what's next on my list and make sure I have it on my phone.  While there, I decided to rate (stars) the last few I've read - mainly so I could tell more quickly that I had actually read them.  A couple of them were real losers and lo and behold, when I clicked 1 star, I got a pop up asking me if I wanted to return it.  Say what???  I clicked yes and I got my credit back!!  I went to the other one - and returned it for credit, too.  I had no idea audible did that.  Wow. It is really one of Amazon's best run outfits.  Even better than Zappos almost.

And I am set for books for the trip and beyond.  Plus, now I have credit and a healthy list of stuff I want to read when I run out of current stuff I want to read.  Or listen to as the case may be.  

I also put the Kindle app on my Chromebook in case I want to read read my books there.  I'm only taking the Chromebook and my phone - that should work out fine for whatever I need.  The Chromebook is not wifi dependent.  Last year I had a terrible time finding even marginally acceptable wifi anywhere - my hotel included. I am at a different hotel this year but I ain't taking no chances.


Ok, time for bear knitting and junk TV.