December 22nd, 2012

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meow, meow, meow

My little brother was a late talker.  He was the youngest and there were four others in the house talking up a storm so there was a chance that he was just waiting for his turn.  Or maybe he didn't have anything of value to add to the dialogue.  For a long time - maybe a year- he would just wander around the house uttering 'boom boom boom boom boom'.  We actually called him Boom Boom for a while.

My Mom saw Dave Garroway (that's a blast from the p, isn't it, oldies?) interview some speech person or child psychologist on TV who said that if you speak directly to the child who doesn't talk, the child will get the message and start talking.

My parents thought this was hilarious. So every time Bill would start his boom boom boom boom boom routine, they would just butt in with their own side of the script

"No kidding?  and then what did you say?"

"boom boom boom boom"

"Really?  Did that make him mad?"

"boom boom boom boom booom"

"So are you going to appologize?"

"boom boom ...


They would hold lengthy conversations with him and just crack themselves up.

Now I do the same thing with Betty.  When I walk in the door, she's there with "meow, meow, meow, meow"  and we 'chat' for a long time. I think it's hilarious.  I honestly don't know what she thinks cause all I ever get this this meow shit.


Swimming was good this morning.  The class was not packed so there was lots of room.  Happily neither the holidays nor CES will interfere with my Saturday morning class.


Then home and back out again, this time on foot to mee machupicchu nd is boyfriend/fiance Shobhit who's in town from LA for a while.  We saw This is 40.  It was the movie I was going to see last Friday and then decided that I could wait for the DVD or never.  But, I'm glad I did not.  I enjoyed it and the more I think about it, I  realize that I really really enjoyed it.  Lots of good people in it and they all did good jobs.


Now I'm hope and have had my conversation with Betty and think I'll surf a bit and then watch some tv and knit.


Oh!  Thank you, Flickr for extending my year out by 3 months!  Your new leader is doing a fine, fine job and I'm delighted.