December 15th, 2012

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And then there was light

We got several notices about our electricity being turned off at 3 am for two hours today and tomorrow.  But, of course, I totally forgot until I got up and saw the blinking clock lights.  I totally intended to set my phone alarm in case my everyday alarm - the internet radio -  didn't make it back to life without help.  But, the radio (as well as the modem and the router it needed) came back without fail.  Cool.

One computer was not happy and one of the webcams needed help but all is fixed now and I have a good idea of what tomorrow is going to look like.  Annoying but if they have to shut us off, 3-5 in the morning works for me.

This morning I have swim class but I've got about 30 minutes before it's time to get started.

I broke down and bought one of the new chromebooks.  I got the Samsing one with 3G.  The 3G version comes with 100MBs of free data connection a month for 2 years. $350  Honestly, I figured I'd get it and not like it and send it back.  No such luck.  This little thing is fine.  The keyboard is easy peasy and the trackpad works perfectly.  At 11 inches, it is the perfect size for taking with, or when here, bedroom use.  The CR-48 - still works but the keyboard was never easy and the trackpad just seemed to get worse and it was too big and too heavy.  So this one is not going back - it's staying here with me.

I have been using an auto uploader on my phone so that when I snap a picture, it automagically gets to Flickr without my having to do anything.  Except the app is flaky and keeps shutting down and driving me nuts.  So last night I went shopping for another one and found a great one.  Solid, fast, good.  The thing has nearly no downloads and one spam review.  The only problem is that it made all photos private.  I want all photos public.  So I wrote to the author.  I got the greatest email this morning.  They guy is in Sweden and he's going to fix me up an option to set everything public!  Perfect!  He's going to get a fine review.

Oh.  I just heard that there may be some snow at the pool!  It's a higher elevation than here and they are saying that there may be some flakes this morning.  Nice.

After swimming, it's the pet store and breakfast and then I'm not sure what.  Maybe home and bear knitting maybe other errands.  Nice to be able to chose on the fly.

The internets win again!

Somewhere over the last month, I picked up a package of Mrs. Cubbison's Soy Ginger Wonton Strips.  I got them home and then fell in love with them.  I started looking for more at every grocery store I went into.  And I found NONE.  I found all kinds of other packaged salad toppings but no Soy Ginger Wonton Strips.  And I could not remember where I found the first ones.

But the internet knew...  Looked up Mrs. Cubbison's website, plugged in where to buy and Bingo!  Albertsons!! I rarely go there any more because there isn't one on the way to or from where I go anymore.  But I was in one about six weeks ago.  

And I will be going to one tomorrow because I am out of these little goodies!

The closest one to here is on Mercer Island and, happily, very near a delicious Jewish deli - Brunch!

I love it when a plan comes together.