December 13th, 2012

My tweets


Jellly Bean for me!!

I've been waiting and waiting for my phone to get an update to the Jelly Bean version of Android.  This morning I read on Google + that it will be available today.  The first time I checked it wasn't but the second time it was! And now it's updating.  Yahoooo!!!

PLUS yesterday, on a whim, I sent a tweet to the Wynn (rapper, that's moi) where we are staying for CES and asked them whether their pool will be open while we are there.  Today I got a tweet saying i will be!  I don't quite believe it because I am pretty sure I checked before I made the reservations but, hey, maybe they changed their minds.  But, just in case, my swim suit is making the trip.  It would be heavenly to stretch and move in the water after walking all day on the show floor.

I have swim class today at noon.  Then, tonight, I'm going to see Christmas lights and hear Chritmas carols in the park with machupicchu.

ooops phone is done - gotta go play!