December 12th, 2012

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My hands and arms were almost free of those disgusting blood bruises.  Then, this morning, I went to pull out the folding chairs from under the bed for neighbor Ann's for Christmas dinner, and found a plank I had put under there for some reason.  The corner of the plank just massacre'd the top of my hand.  Fuck.  Now it looks like I've being going to dialysis 8 days a week.  Crappily crap crap crap.  Right out there where even long sleeves don't help.  

I guess I should be glad it was only a fight with a board and not dialysis.

I did get the sheets changed and under the bed all cleaned out.  I tossed out a truck load of truly disgusting cat toys.  I saved a few of the ones that were not disgusting but Betty never plays with them.  She does still enjoy an afternoon romp now and again with the auto laser pointer but toys are for kids, I guess.

Amira and her daughter are here cleaning.  They were late as usual and I spent an hour deciding that it was silly to pay them for cleaning anyway.  I can do it and I have the time so why spend the money?  They have been here 15 minutes and already I'm on the other side... It's only $80 a month... so worth it!!

I started watching Downton Abbey this week.  It was one of the reasons I re-joined Netflix.  I plan on un-rejoining in January so if I was going to get sucked in, I needed to get sucked in and the first season watched before then.  I watched the first episode when it first aired and was yaawwwn.  But, now I'm totally into it.  I have season two being collected on TiVo.  Really good for bear production.

I am planning a short walk up the street for exercise and to pick up lunch.  Retirement thrills.

Back atcha

I don't know if it was changing the sheets on the bed or crawling under it to wrestle out the board and clean out the cat toys or the 10 minutes of Jane Fonda yoga I did but something has broken my back.  Well, not broken it but OWWWWIE - my back and hips are screaming and not in a yeah our team won kinda way.

Oh I also spent a solid 2 hours this afternoon hunched over the computer pounding out my unemployment insurance homework (which, I'm happy to say, I finished).  


I'm starting making notes and lists for CES in Las Vegas.  It's less than a month away...  I'm in that delicious window of anticipation and planning that I never want to end and yet can't wait to go so it will have to end...