November 27th, 2012

My clock sweater

About a month ago I saw this idea on Ralvery (knitting website) and started working on it immediately - but weaving it around bear work. I finished it last night and I love it.




I have never been fast enough to get a picture. From my chair in my living room, I can still see (even with the new building going up just outside my terrace) the trains going south from the Amtrak station. One of my favorites is the ones with the Boeing plains loaded up - they are wingless and always wrapped in tourquoise so rather distinctive. Four went buy just now.

Planes on trains... I love this condo.


I have swim class at noon and really no other plans today which suits me fine and dandy.

I'm a genius

Tonight, I was thinking about having Christmas at Ron and Ann's and realized that my good florist is not around this year. I have, in the past, just sent him an email and he always had the perfect table centerpiece delivered. Not only is he no longer in the flower biz, I honestly don't want to spend that much this year - being on a fixed income and all (hahahah).

And then I spied my TV Guide and it hit me... I wonder how much a gift subscription would be. I looked at the magazine's website and ugh - too much. Then I remembered Amazon's magazine service - $20 AND they provide a gift card and I can use my Discover cash back so it will cost me nothing! (Plus I noticed my own subscription was time for renewal and for some really odd reason, if I sign up for auto renewal, extending my own subscription will cost me only $5. DEAL.

I printed out the card and attached it to this week's mag and I'll deliver tomorrow. Done and done and done. Yeah!!