November 23rd, 2012

More randoms

Those Breathe Rite strips are an amazing miracle. I just wish they wouldn't cost me three layers of skin each time I use them. Even the sensitive skin version strips my nose of its covering. But, man, can I sleep good with one of them on.


I am constantly amazed that of all the computers in this house (and, yes, there are too many), the CR-48 that Google sent to me for free about 3 years ago, is the best behaved and the most reliable and least fiddly of all of them.

It's not the prettiest or the slimmest. It's fat and heavy and has a weird texture to its outside but damn... you open the cover and are instantly in business, the battery lasts forfreakin ever, it just does what I need it to do. I rooted it a while back and this morning set it back to non-root. It handled the journeys just fine.

I'd love if it were a little smaller - I think 11" is a perfect size... I want it slimmer and lighter weight and prettier but, hey, someday they will make one like I want.


I'm thinking this morning, I'm going to take a walk up to the Pike Place Market. I don't have any kind of a list other than just getting a little exercise. So that's the current plan.