November 9th, 2012

weird but nice!

Earlier this week notdefined posted about getting better than promised UPS service.

I thought at the time that that had never happened to me either. And then today it did!! Yesterday, I ordered something from Amazon. Yes, I have 2 day Prime shipping. The order page said I'd get it on Saturday. Then I got the shipping mail saying it would be here today!!!

And, now UPS shows Out For Delivery.

Wow. Cool. Wonder if it's UPS gearing up for the holidays?

The day of the fun dishwasher is coming to an end...

My dishwasher is a two drawer deal. I paid out the nose for it and I have loved loved loved it. Initially I thought I'd have one drawer for clean dishes and one for dirty and just rotate them but it turns out that since they are so small, they are very easy to load and unload so I just use the top drawer mainly.

But, alas, it's past it's prime (they don't live long) and repairs are expensive and while the top drawer is now broken, the bottom drawer looks like it's going, too. It would cost $400 to fix it - or maybe more - he was pretty sure replacing the pipe would do it and the both need new pumps, but he couldn't be sure until he did it.

The guy was so nice and tried and tried. He didn't have replacement pipes so they would have to be ordered. After swearing I would never quote him and promising I would really make up my own mind, he allowed as how if it were his, he'd replace it immediately "with a $400 GE". Then I asked him where he would buy his GE and after much arm twisting, he said he'd go down the road to Metropolitan.

Metropolitan is a small outfit literally within a mile of here. I bought my washer/dryer from them. And they were one I called yesterday to do research - they were also the people that first told me drawers were on the way out - but they gave me the best price on them.

So, after the repair guy left, I hopped in the car an went down to Metropolitan and bought a $400 GE. It actually cost me $700 total. $500 for the dishwasher and the rest is taxes, install and carting away of my beloved drawers.

They will be here next Friday.

Sigh but ok.