November 5th, 2012

Enough for me

Last year that lung guy my cute doctor sent me to see, got my breathing up to 60-75% with drugs (from about 45-50%). He then wanted to test for a month and have me come back for more tests and different drugs to get it even better. But the guy was such a douche. And by that time I'd had 6 months of tests and costs and I was done. So I didn't go back.

Now I've lived this year that way and, you know what? It's ok. When I'm not sick - like now, I think I've got all I need. I'm not interested in climbing 30 flights of stairs or running a 5K race. I want to be able to walk downtown, do a couple of flights of stairs, handle an incline without panting and swim.

And do stuff without help. This morning, I took the 400 pound 3 inch foam topper off my bed. And I cut it up into storable pieces that I will likely toss later but for now am keeping for whatever reason.

And I turned the mattress around and changed the sheets on the bed.

NO panting. I handled it all by myself with no problem at all. That's all I want. The ability to do stuff like that on my own.

And I've got it. And I'm grateful.

Trying to work my last nerve

Three years ago, I bought an annuity that I should not have. I'm stuck with it for 2 more years. I check it online daily. Last week the site blocked me. So today I called. I was on hold for freakin' ever listening to bad music over a bad connection when the music started in on a jazzy version of Yes, Jesus Loves Me!

OMG. While I'm not opposed to updates on how Jesus feels about me I sure as hell don't want to get them from a financial institution - especially one I already resent the hell out of !!!!

Finally, the guy reset my password and when I hung up the site locked me out again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And while this was going on, the electricians kid helpers showed up. They discovered that one of my $40 LED bulbs - less than 3 months old - is a dud. Nice. They took it with them to show the electrician. They may or may not be back today so I'm stuck here til I find out.

The I tried to log onto BECU (my new account) an it did not like my answer to my security question - at least they fixed it without a phone call - but, dudes, look at my account - I have no debit card or credit card with you, so don't ask for a card number.


But, I am keeping clam as they say here in Seattle and am looking forward to the promised cold weather.