November 2nd, 2012

Getting my days straight

Ok, so *today* is Friday.  Got it.  There's a blog I've followed for years - an octogenarian in Oklahoma who bemoaned upon hearing that her favorite soap opera was canceled "now I'll never be able to tell weekdays from weekends".  At the time I read it - a few years ago - I thought 'oh how cute'.  Now I R There.  

And another day is good.  Breathing wise.  I really really want to go to that Saturday swim class and I think one more day of taking it easy - walking my pretend dog - will be just what I need to get through the whole class without coughing or other problems.

The plan for today is installing Windows 8 on this laptop - the one I use for most everything these days.  I want to see what it's like.  My desktop is the one that really needs it - resource wise.  So we shall see how it works out.

buggety buggety buggety

If I were not so hell bent on keeping a positive attitude because really, in my life, there is precious little to complain about.  My gripes don't even make it to First World Problems status....  but were I not married to this position today would have gotten my goat for sure.

I started out at 10 am to upgrade my laptop.  I spent an hour and a half trying to pay them for the upgrade.  Google is notorious for having no support.  Microsoft has exactly the same level of support as Google but with 800 numbers that offer the worst telephone connections on the planet and the people with the least amount of training known to man.

While on one of my many many hold sessions with them, I Googled and found the answer.  The vendor Microsoft hired to handle the $$ sucks.  You have to start from scratch and re-enter everything over and over until you hit one of their apparently very few working servers.  It took me 9 tries.  

The install itself took another hour.

I have for years and years partially embraced Windows updates.  I've bought each one and then tried to mold it into what was familiar to me.  Sometimes I even bought third party software to do this.

This time I took a different stance.  Windows 8 has an entirely different look and feel but one key punch and you can go back to what you know.  So I am going to make a concerted effort to train me to do it their way.  There is a whole lot to love about their way.  And there is  a lot that is frustrating.  I'm sure fixes will be made and all will be fine.  I have the time, energy and interest to learn new stuff and I will.


Then I got a letter from my health insurance company.  I have 6 different ongoing prescriptions. I save more than several pennies by ordering them in 3 months supplies.  Several different insurance companies ago, I cut my teeth on this bulk ordering with an outfit called Medco.  They were great.  Fabulous.  Wonderful to deal with.  Then we changed insurance and the choice was Walgreens or PPS.  I tried Walgreens and they just sucked.  So I've used PPS which is ok but only barely.

Today the love letter from Regence says that they are dropping PPS.  It's Walgreens or nothing.  BOTHER.

Fortunately, I just got everything refilled and so won't really need much of anything before January.  Also, fortunately, maybe since all of us PPS people will be making the switch, Walgreens will shape up or at least listen.

But, really what a freakin' bother.


My pretend dog did not get his walk today.  BUT, I have gone the whole day so far with no cough medicine of any kind and no Combivent (rescue inhaler) because I did not need any!!  No coughing - honking or otherwise.  Yeah!!!  Swim class tomorrow for sure.