October 16th, 2012

Geeky morning

When I checked my brother's webcam this morning, I got a treat!! (That's Amy - the shop manager - working away.) Wonderful swag this way cometh!!! He knows that my love of swag is matched only by my love of tracking packages and anticipating them. He hit all the buttons this morning!!



Yesterday, I happened on an article about the new Cisco Cloud router app. My router is one that supports it so I went for it. New firmware, set up account and now when I type in my IP, I get a fancy new interface.

Yesterday, it scared me. I couldn't find all the switches I wanted. And it seemed my connection speed was a lot slower but today I am better. I'm liking it a lot. I can assign pictures to all the network bits and give them real names like TV and TiVo and EyeFi card, etc.

I found all the switches and the speed is back. Oh and I downloaded their app to my phone and now I can access and fiddle with my router settings from my phone (or on a computer that is not even on my network). I like it.


And then this morning, finally, my Nexus7 got the upgrade they started rolling out last week.

Oh and my Kindle Paperwhite got a tracking number!

nice nice nice


I'm doing laundry. I changed the sheets on my bed (and managed to get two new blood bruises on the back of my hands - arugh!).

Swim class at noon and tonight I'm going to see Argo.

End of report... for now.

Amazon loves me

I did not renew my Amazon Prime membership mainly because when I ordered a package, they mostly used a delivery service called OnTrac and OnTrac was OffTrac way more often than they were on. Ordering got to be a Russian Roulette game of will I get my package or will I stress out with stupid OnTrac?

After years of bitching, I got so I only filed a complaint every other time that OnTrac fucked up. And finally, I just gave up and did not renew my Prime membership.

And then I read on a blog that they used OnTrac sometimes for non-prime deliveries. ARUGH. I decided to see if I could find out so I sent them an email. I got a response back that was very nice but did not give me the info I wanted. At the bottom was a link to click on if my question wasn't answered satisfactorily. I clicked through, and got to a button that says Call Me.

I figured what the fuck. I might as well give them one more chance before I cut them off entirely. I like Amazon and I don't want to get a divorce.

Turns out that if I can provide them two documented instances of OnTrac fuckup, then they will fix my account so that when I order OnTrac is the very last delivery option available! Good enough for me!!

Only 2??? It took me less than a minute to find two - two late deliveries - one in September and one in March of this year. The Amazon lady checked 'em out and deemed them perfect for what she needed. She says it will take a couple of weeks but she'll keep me posted via email.

I am, once again, blown away by Amazon's customer service. Tomorrow's package is coming via FedEx 2-day which has the added advantage of usually delivering here early in the a.m.

Now the downside is that I will have to pony up the bucks to be a Prime Member again... if no OnTrac, I'm delighted to do that.