October 6th, 2012


My Saturday swim class is the best in terms of exercise.  The weekday classes are good and my swim buddies are there but my Saturday class has the best teacher so I work the hardest.  Plus, it's at 8:30.  I am a die hard morning person.  And this is the greatest way to celebrate the morning.
I think I'll go a little early this morning and work in a few laps of regular swimming.  But even so, it's too early to leave yet.

After swim, I have a new restaurant to try out for brunch.  There may be a movie this afternoon.  This is one of the few weekend days this fall when access and egress to my parking space and/or bus ridership will not be encumbered by a football or soccer game.  I don't mind the sporting events at all but it seems a shame not to take advantage of a free day! 


I wanted to see a movie that started at 2:30. It was at a theater that is a little fiddly to get to on the bus and has free parking so I left the house, in the car at 2 to give me plenty of time. I remembered when I hit the streets that a major highway and bridge are closed for the weekend. The surface streets were PACKED and barely moving.

Then I got on the connector to the Interstate and it was backed up a LONG way. WTF??? I quick consulted the Seattle Traffic app on my phone an discovered that the road from where I was to where I wanted to be was solid black - meaning slow to no moving... So I waited for an opening, cut across 3 lanes to the exit going south and headed home.

I did not want to see that movie that badly. I have movies on TiVo and there are baseball games and when I walked back in the door, Betty was clearly thought I had made the right decision. So here I are.


Swim class was excellent. Lots of people I knew but even more importantly one of the very good teachers and it was just a good good class. After class I did some noodle work. I have this idea that standing on the noodle in the deep end - and walking up and down it and bouncing up and down while staying balanced on it is good for my core strength and good for my balance and it's fun. An I've gotten pretty darned good at it.


I had brunch at Smith - I need to add a blog entry cause I had something different this time. It was delicious.


And that's all the news that's fit to print here ... so far ...

This is a sign or serious something....

Today I had a newly opened place in my sites for brunch. But, when I got there, it was packed = doh, new place... Across the street is Smith - a place I found a while back and loved. I've had it on the 'return to soon' list for a while and today seemed like a fine time.

So, I did and ordered up something I hadn't had before and it was spectacular. Just now I went to review it. I knew I had had their wonderful lox platter one time but I couldn't remember what I had had the time before so I checked my own review...

It's the exact same thing I had today! And I loved it just as much or maybe more since they got the word on the too much mustard.

And this place is now still on my 'return to soon' list.